High-speed contact mechanics between amorphous carbon nanoparticles

W.F. Sun, P.W. Chen
Beijing Institute of Technology,

Keywords: contact mechanics, molecular dynamics, amorphous nanoparticle, Hertz model


The contact mechanics plays an important role in describing behavious of granular matter, such as packing, flow of particles. With the development of precision processing, the high-speed motions (including translation, rolling, sliding) between nanosized buliding blocks are often experienced in nanodevices, such as nano-electro-mechanical system (NEMS). However, the contact behaviours between amorphous nanoparticles have seldom been explored, in particular, whether the contact models still hold or not at the nanoscale remains unknown. In this work, the dynamic behaviours between amorphous carbon nanoparticles will be studied using molecular dynamics simulations during the head-on impact and the validity of conventional continuum contact models will be tested.