Reaching the Potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare Data

B. Scarpelli
Connected Health Initiative,
United States

Keywords: healthcare, caregiver, privacy, data, safety


Artificial intelligence (AI) – systems that change behaviors without being explicitly programmed, based on data collected, usage analysis, and other observations – is poised to revolutionize the entire care continuum through better analytics of more data in real-time, augmenting caregiver efforts, plans, and decisions. Already, the healthcare AI market is expected to exceed $34 billion by 2025. However, AI in healthcare will undoubtedly raise a number of important social, legal, and ethical concerns as innovators find ways to infuse it into the delivery of care. How can we realize this potential while balancing AI's potential with patient expectations of efficacy/safety and privacy? Across these challenges, there are exciting and useful efforts and experiences to learn from and build on that provide invaluable insights to others. Representing stakeholders from across the digital health ecosystem who are thought leaders and doers at the intersection of healthcare and AI, this panel will explore the latest opportunities associated with, and the challenges facing, the use of AI in healthcare to maximize traditional and new data sets; provide insight into key healthcare AI business, policy, and legal trends; and share viewpoints on the path forward.