Automatic Leather Species Identification using Machine Learning Techniques

M. Jawahar
Central Leather Research Institute,

Keywords: Leather species identification, Surface morphological characteristics, Hair pore pattern and Image analysis


Identification and classification of leather species becomes valuable and necessary due to concerns regarding consumer protection, product counterfeiting, and dispute settlement in the leather industry, prevention of revenue loss. Identification and classification of leather into species is carried out by histological examination or molecular analysis based on DNA. Manual method requires expertise, training and experience, and due to involvement of human judgment disputes are inevitable thus a need to automate the leather species identification. In the present investigation, an attempt has been made to automate leather species identification using machine learning techniques. A novel non-destructive leather species identification algorithm is proposed for the identification of cow, buffalo, goat and sheep leathers. Hair pore pattern was segmented efficiently using k-means clustering algorithm Significant features representing the unique characteristics of each species such as no.of hair pores, pore density, percent porosity, shape of the pores etc., were extracted. The generated features were used for training the Random forest classifier.Experimental results on the leather species image library database achieved an accuracy of 87 % using random forest as classifier, confirming the potentials of using the proposed system for automatic leather species classification.