A compelling need for a national Trusted AI and Smart Autonomy Test Bed

J.R. Mills, J. Clarke
The Aerospace Corporation,
United States

Keywords: Trusted Artificial Intelligence, Smart Autonomy, Space, Space Enabled, Position, Navigation, Timing, Analysis, Testbed, Test Range, Private Public


Trusted Artificial Intelligence and Smart Autonomy Confab“Go Forth, Do No Harm”• In response to emerging needs across the public and private enterprise, a panel of 40 plus experts from government, academia, and the private sector on AI and Autonomy on December 6, 2018 for an all-day event at the Chantilly, VA Aerospace Corporation facility.The assembled thought leaders focused on six key themes.• What are the Critical Technology Enablers for trusted autonomy and AI?• How do we drive standards to shape the future?• Where will the autonomous and AI workforce come from?• How do we capture the critical policy issues with Autonomy and AI?• What are key taxonomies and metrics?• What does a Trusted Autonomous and Artificial Intelligence testbed look like?• A clear finding was the need for a verification and validation (V&V) testbed in some form of a facility, network, real and/or virtualized environment to evaluate autonomous and AI systems and capabilities. From this gathering an informal consortium has developed to help implement the Artificial Intelligence Executive Order issued in February 2019 and the creation of a national AI Testbed.