Artificial Immune System Based Approach to Cyber Attack Detection

T. Saadawi
CIty University of New York,
United States

Keywords: cyber security, artiifcial intelligence, Intrusion Detection System, Smart Grid


Interconnectivity of systems such as cloud computing nodes, database servers, web servers, internet of things (IoT) nodes, and components of critical infrastructure such as electric smart grid nodes have increased the threat surface of these systems and the network enabling their interconnectivity. Even with the incorporation of protective mechanisms like resource permissions, encryption, or authentication, hackers always find ways to compromise these systems and attack the resources and nodes they protect. Hence, as an added wall of protection, an intrusion detection system (IDS) is needed. The talk will address IDS and show how artificial intelligence is used to develop an IDS software. Though this work focuses on the application of the developed IDS to intrusion detection in smart-grids, computer networks, and insider threat detection, it is also applicable in other areas of security such as autonomous vehicles, mobile security, application security, etc.