CP Smith

Executive Director

Cooperativa Hidroel├ęctrica de la Monta├▒a

Chaos — through my lens — is our opportunity to tackle hard problems to make life better for many. I resolve challenges related to your organizational development, human capital planning and strategic initiatives. I provide you with three value-added services: help develop the vision of your desired strategic end-state using ISO-compliant standards; layout a clear implementation map; and manage the implementation process for you. I help make your organization run more efficiently while helping you manage your total risk exposure.

Leader with extensive experience with business process improvement management, applied technology & training, and risk management. Dedicated to the practice of continuous process improvement and optimizing organizational development. Passionate about building and directing strong teams that have fun tackling challenging projects. Project Management and Senior Human Capital authority. Experienced in international business, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and managing multi-time zone teams.