Right Honourable Yvonne E. Gamble


SanPete Financial Group

Yvonne Gamble, is an American business and social entrepreneur, a recipient of Georgia Senate State Civic Resolution for Community Service, accomplished Venture Capitalist, Keynote Speaker, Master Trainer, Publisher, Thought Leader, Space Challenge Judge, Humanitarian and Author.

Meet the women who is bringing entrepreneurs to Space, Yvonne is well versed in experiences providing emerging technology, telecommunications, strategic planning, training, political advocacy, and policy development to Government and Private Sectors. She is Founder of FYNB (Financing Your NEXT Billion$$$) Talks Podcast. She is an award-winning financier, political activist and author. Gamble serves as a Judge for NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge, reviewing and judging the next generation of space innovation and technology for missions to the moon, mars and beyond.

Gamble is USA Country Director of Lifesavers Ambassadors International, which launched its Free Tablet & Internet Connectivity program in collaboration with the FCC in 2023. She is founder of the Yvonne E. Peterson-Gamble Foundation. Her Space Business Educational platform “Space Needs What Your Business Has to Offer, launches in July 2025 at the Simplified Knowledge Institute Space Center.

Gamble brings to every stage 35+ years of experience with her work in multi-million-dollar financing.

Gamble heads-up six corporations. She is CEO, SanPete Financial Group, venture capital raise, specialization infrastructure development and financial education; Founder MOBIMED, PPE medical transporter; Senior Partner Platform Capital Group, accelerator incubator; Founder Simplified Knowledge Institute, think tank; Executive Director Women Leading Change Now, political advocacy; Publisher EliVonn Publishing Haus, bespoke publisher.

Best Selling Author Publications: “The Art of Connection”, “Financing Your Next Billion$$$, “Grow Your Business During Recession”, “Be You” and “Why Do We Communicate”. Upcoming publications: Preparing for Off-World Living: Building the Space Future Today releases April 2024; Water As a Human Right: #WAaHR releases September 2024; 4th Industrial Revolution: Change Management for the NEXT 100 Years releases January 2025.

Gamble studied Journalism and Public Relations at Columbia University. She is a Certified Commercial & Home Builder & Developer, Certified Human Rights Education Master Trainer. Yvonne has certifications in Computer Programming, Hardware Repair, Biotechnology/Bio- manufacturing and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Fuel Conversion.