Adam Knapp

JUMP Program Manager

Semiconductor Research Corporation

Dr. Adam Knapp joined SRC as JUMP Program Manager in September 2022. Previously, he worked at the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC for nearly 8 years first as a NRC post-doctoral scholar and then as a federal research chemist. His scientific expertise lies in computational and theoretical chemical and condensed matter physics and applied mathematics. He has led teams focused on the integration of machine learning and data analytic techniques into the chemical and autonomous instrument workflow, worked with DARPA on Navy-relevant chemistries for machine learning-driven automated synthesis, and (co)-developed/contributed to methodologies for logistics tracking, figures of merit for chemical detection, quantum chemistry on quantum computers, oceanic bioinformatics surveillance, and underwater autonomous vehicle pathfinding.

Dr. Knapp received his Ph. D. in Chemical Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has acted as a proposal reviewer for DARPA, provided assessments to advisory boards of the National Academy of Sciences and federal agencies, advised the National Science Foundation on data science in chemistry, and reviewed articles for multiple journals in the chemical physics space. He is the (co)-author of numerous government reports and has 5 patent applications pending.