Thomas McDermott

Technical Lead

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Tom joined the lab in August 2016 to provide technical leadership and project management for the Laboratory's research portfolio in distribution analysis and automation, demand response, and distributed energy technologies. His primary focus is on novel simulation, modeling and analysis capabilities. Prior to that, he was at the University of Pittsburgh, MelTran (his own company), Enernex, Ansoft (now part of ANSYS), Electrotek Concepts, PTI (now part of Siemens) and Westinghouse Electric. Tom's career highlights include contributions to OpenDSS and other open-source software, contributions to standards (IEEE 1547, 1410, 1243 and 1749 along with IEC 61968), and contributions to commercial software products (PQWeb, Maxwell, SIMPLORER). He's performed many grid consulting projects that span modeling, analysis and measurements taken in the field. Tom has also taught nine different undergraduate and graduate university courses for credit. At PNNL, his two largest initial projects involve software simulation platforms for transactive energy systems and for Advanced Distribution Management Systems.