Christopher Zember

Chief Technology Officer

Alion Science and Technology

Christopher Zember is Chief Technology Officer at Alion Science and Technology, an advanced science and engineering company with eight decades of experience applying cutting edge science and technology to solve complex problems.  As CTO, Mr. Zember is responsible for ensuring Alion remains on the cutting edge of science and technology, as it has for over 80 years. In addition to his role at Alion, Mr. Zember also serves on the International Security Council of the World Economic Forum, and as a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the National Defense University; in these positions, he advises both organizations on the security implications of advances in science & technology, and of the proliferation of access to these advances. Prior to joining Alion in October of 2016, Mr. Zember served as Director of the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, a government think tank uniquely positioned to tap into a range of expertise across the military, industry, academia, and global technology markets in order to help the US maintain its technological edge in peace and conflict.  Here he led a fourfold growth in the work of the center, including direct tasking by the White House, Congress, and Secretary of Defense, all focused on delivering better, faster, cheaper capabilities to America’s men and women in uniform. From 2010-2015 Mr. Zember led eight defense research and engineering centers whose 7,000 scientists and engineers delivered strategic studies and advanced capabilities across a range of critical interest areas, including cyber operations, weapon systems, and homeland defense.  Under his leadership, these centers grew from $600M to $2B in annual revenue, and more than doubled the number of technical areas in which they delivered expertise (adding areas such as autonomous systems, non-lethal weapons, and renewable energy). Prior to this, Mr. Zember held several leadership positions in Defense research and engineering, national security policy, Defense planning, and intelligence analysis, with posts both inside and outside government, in the U.S. and abroad. Besides his national security work, Mr. Zember is an avid practitioner of yoga, plays traditional Indian music, and works to raise money and awareness to combat human trafficking.