Scott Ramsey

Sr. Research Scientist

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

Mr. Ramsey is a Senior Research Scientist and Section Head for the Special Forces & Maritime Technologies (SFMT) team within the NRL Signature Technology Office (STO).  His work specializes in the study of multispectral scattering phenomena from low-observable materials and structures.  He develops and tests materials and methods for visible and infrared spectral signature management for programs within the U.S. Navy and USSOCOM Special Operations Forces (SOF) community.  Mr. Ramsey has been employed at the Naval Research Laboratory for twelve years, and manages multiple signature reduction technology (SRT) programs.

Other Achievements: Mr. Ramsey has served on multiple DARPA and IARPA program review boards, and established the NRL Rapid Evaluation of Capabilities and Assessment Program (RECAP), which directly supports the integration, test and evaluation of mature NRL technologies into USSOCOM exercises and training events. He is the recipient of multiple NRL Alan Berman Research Publication (ARPAD) awards, and the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award in direct laboratory support of PEO SOF WARRIOR’s Personal Signature Management Joint Acquisition Team, recognized for their work in demonstrating and developing innovative personal protective camouflage for reduced visible and infrared detection.

Education & Memberships: Mr. Ramsey holds a Master’s Degree of Science in Forensic Chemistry from Michigan State University, and dual Bachelors Degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Florida State University and University of North Florida, respectively.  He is a member of SPIE and the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Mr. Ramsey is married to Tessa Ramsey, his wife of 16 years.  They have three children; Abigail, Kate, and Chloe.