Thien Pham


iSign International

Thien Pham has over 15 years of experience in digital security as well as healthcare services.  Mr. Pham developed an electronic prescription platform in 1999 that allows physicians to securely write electronic prescription and automatically sent to patient’s pharmacy of choice, a very innovative product at that time: he successfully sold the platform to a public company.  Mr. Pham then joined this company to further expand its products and services.  Mr. Pham also created electronic medical record system, UMedical, approved by the Washington State Board of Pharmacy.  His UMedical system was later deployed at St. Joseph Hospital.  Additionally, Mr. Pham has developed an enterprise telehealth platform to connect healthcare providers and patients through a cloud-based system on multiple devices.  Mr. Pham has also developed a programming software that enables developers to rapidly build, test, and deploy new products in any production environment with limited risk of failure through advanced self-correction and auto updates.