Aaron Frank

Senior Information Scientist

RAND Corporation

Dr. Frank specializes in the development of analytic tradecraft and decision-support tools for assessing complex national security issues. He is interested in problems associated with uncertainty, the philosophy and history of science, decision making, and the way in which models mediate between data and theory to understand individual choices and collective action. He has employed agent-based models, wargames, and other analytic tools to assess the benefits and limitations of historical and experimental data and generate missing information via simulation to analyze problems ranging from regional conflicts between national governments, to military innovation and transformation, to the dynamics of social identities and the formation of new communities. His recent projects have primarily focused on two challenges, each of which seek to bring computation closer to national security decision-making.  One area is in the field of Computational Social Science, where he is working with advanced research agencies on the assessment, development, and use of social science theories, models, and simulations in support of incorporating assessments of individual and group behavior into national security decision-making.  The second area is focused on assessing the quality, completeness, and analytic usability of data held within enterprise information technology systems, and developing long-term visions for how data, analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence can assist senior executives and military leaders in decision-making by extracting more value from the data in their possession and developing new capabilities to improve data quality and collect missing information.