Geoff Davis

Program Team Lead, Analytics and Simulation


Geoffrey X. Davis (SAIC) is a senior contract advisor to DIA's Analytic Development Office (ADO), integrating Object-Based Production (OBP) governance and Object management solutions throughout the defense intelligence enterprise. Mr. Davis started his military career in 1997, and has been assigned to the CENTCOM HQ since 2002 as a military officer and later as a contractor. Mr. Davis has worked as an all-source intelligence analyst supporting multiple country teams. Additionally, Mr. Davis served as a senior counterintelligence analyst and HUMINT reports officer supporting CI/HUMINT operations. Since mid-2014, Mr. Davis has led the integration of OBP for the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC) for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and its components. As a senior contract advisor for DIA's overall integration of OBP governance, Mr. Davis works with multiple commands, the intelligence community and law enforcement to write governance and help shape a common Object services. Mr. Davis travels both CONUS and OCONUS to provide training for users and briefings to senior leaders throughout DoD.