Jordan Henry

Senior Technical Staff, Critical Infrastructure Systems R&D, Cyber Security

Sandia National Laboratories

Jordan Henry, is a technical staff member at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. In the Critical Infrastructure Systems organization, his current research areas include power system controls, cyber security for critical infrastructure systems, novel methods for improved control system situational awareness, and Emulytics involving control system network and control system process modeling/simulation. Previous work activities include developing a secure virtual power plant cyber security architecture, development and deployment of control system environments for training and exercise support, and improvements to Sandia’s control system simulation, emulation and test bed capabilities (aka, SCADA-as-a-Service). Mr. Henry has also participated in numerous security assessments in areas including power systems, microgrids, distributive energy resources, control systems, and telecommunications for utility companies, power system equipment vendors, and various government agencies. Mr. Henry has also been involved with analysis and design of microgrids for military installations working to increase energy reliability and security. Mr. Henry possesses a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Missouri S&T.