Alf Carroll

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Black Belt


Alf Carroll has been a Systems Engineer at Raytheon for 17 Years. Prior to RTX, Alf worked at Electric Boat/GD, CS Draper Lab, Sippican and Communica (last 2 being Small Businesses). Alf’s undergrad was at US Coast Guard Academy & Northeastern, and an MS from MIT as a Draper Fellow. Before RTX, projects/programs included: 1) Submarine or UUV Propulsion, Noise/Signature/Ballast control systems, Composites/Materials/Tribology and water-tight integrity; 2) Air Shock and Hydro-ballistics; 3) Joint  US/UK Torpedo Defense; 4) Mine Countermeasures and USSOCOM; 4) SW Services/Test and Project Management. At RTX, Alf held AT/FP IPT Lead and ChEng positions on ZUMWALT, across Mission Kill Chain, including capture and leadership on 3 NAVY SBIR “Ph III” Contracts. Alf received “Our People Our Honorees” and “Mentoring Excellence” awards in 2011, and has sponsored 5 SETDP projects. 

Currently, Alf is SBIR Black Belt on RMD’s Supplier Innovation team, and is “Innovation co-Advocate” in Portsmouth, where he leverages  Mentorship, Technology Growth and Collaboration skills to help fellow engineers to Win/Execute/Grow IDEA, RIC, SBIR, OTA and other “colors of $” Projects or Programs.