Margaret Johns, Lt Col (ret)

Board of Directors

Whidbey Veterans Resource Center

Throughout her 32 year career with the DoD, Margie Johns served from the Arctic to Antartica in many joint roles both as a Navy civilian, a Defense Contractor, and a USAF Officer. Her favorite role, Field Science Advisor, allowed her to mentor 1000s of innovators seeking to partner with the military, DoD, Dept of Energy, and Universities within the USA and and its partner nations. Today, Margie Johns continues to mentor innovators and connectors from her organic farm on Whidbey Island. 

To “give back” she volunteers with several Veteran causes and Earth-friendly non-profit orgs to champion private-public partnerships: Boots to Roots Farming; Whidbey Veterans Resource Center; Experience Winefulness; Good Cheer Food Bank; VA Women's’ Voices; Whidbey Institute; Marine Corps League. Margie is a certified Reiki Master, Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist, CNA, Wine Rep, and CERT Leader.