Daryl Haegley

Principal Cyber Advisor

U.S. Secretary of Defense

Mr. Daryl Haegley’s distinguished career includes military, federal, civilian and commercial consulting experience. Currently assigned to the Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, advising on cyberspace activities, cyber mission forces, and offensive and defensive cyber operations and missions. Oversees the strategic cybersecurity effort to protect the control systems and operational technology (OT) enabling the Department of Defense’s (DoD) critical infrastructure. For the past six years, Mr. Haegley has brought awareness to the ever-increasing cyber threat to unprotected connected OT devices and has led the government to make change. Specifically, he has successfully advocated to change laws, DoD policy and standards, and academic curricula while initiating the first comprehensive facilities related control systems cybersecurity program of its kind within the federal government.

A recognized innovator and thought leader, he’s a contributing author to NIST Special Publication 800-82 R2 “Guide to Industrial Control Systems Security,” Unified Facilities Criteria 4-010.06 “Cybersecurity of Facility Related Controls Systems” and ‘Governance and Assessment Strategies for Industrial Controls,’ Springer technical publication, “Cyber-Security of SCADA and Other Industrial Control Systems.”

He maintains four certifications, three Masters’ degrees, two college tuitions & one patent.