Matthew Huffman

Mechanical Engineer, Carderock Naval Surface Warfare Center

U.S. Navy

Matthew Huffman is a Mechanical Engineer (University of Maryland College Park) with 12 years of experience in the Expeditionary & Developmental Power and Energy Branch (EDPEB) at the Carderock Naval Surface Warfare Center where he serves as a technical area lead.  He has performed work primarily in the areas of renewable energy, hybrid power systems, energy storage, unmanned vehicle sustainment, and subsea power.  Career roles have included testing & evaluation, field data collection, power system modeling and trade studies, prototype demonstrator design, acquisition requirements and performance specifications generation, and technology roadmap development.  Matt is the Marine Corps' Technical Area Expert (TAE) on photovoltaic panel & renewable energy systems.  He has received numerous distinctions including the 2010 Carderock Materials Division Teaming Award, 2011 Warfare Center Innovation Award, and 2012 Marine Corps Systems Command Innovation Award, and has completed the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Defense Energy Certificate program.  Matt is currently on a one-year rotation with the ODASN (RDT&E) Naval Operational Energy Office serving as a technical advisor on vehicle electrification, hydrogen technologies, and metering and monitoring of energy.