Craig Bakker

Research Scientist

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Bakker completed a PhD in engineering at the University of Cambridge, where his research focused on multidisciplinary design optimization. Following this, he did postdoctoral research in climate change, food security, and economic modeling at Johns Hopkins University. Dr Bakker is now a research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. There, he has applied his expertise in game theory, AI/ML, and optimal control to biofuel supply chain modeling, counter-smuggling analysis, infrastructure modeling, autonomous sensors, and climate science. His particular focus has been on resilience and cyber-physical security. In that vein, he has worked on counter-terrorism risk assessments for critical infrastructure, resilience quantification for industrial control systems, cyber-physical attack modeling, and AI/ML for power grid control algorithms. Recent work has involved ML modeling techniques for deception-based attacks on commercial building Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems, integrated attacker/defender interactions in the power grid, and microgrid resilience metrics.