Justin Welch

Systems Engineer, Energy and Grid System Integration group

Idaho National Laboratory

Justin Welch is a Systems Engineer in the Energy and Grid System Integration group of Idaho National Laboratory and currently acts as the Operations Director for the INL Resilience Optimization Center (IROC). His focus while at INL has been resilience and cyber security research and application. Before joining INL in 2018, he worked for Curtiss-Wright Scientech as a system engineer, involved in reactor control instrumentation and plant monitoring systems which included cybersecurity hardening of those systems. He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from BYU-Idaho and his Master of Business Administration from Chadron State College.

Justin was the Deputy General Chair for the Resilience Week Conference in 2021 and General Chair starting in 2022. This conference focuses on how private and public partners can work together to ensure a secure and reliable flow of energy across the nation.‚Äč