Matthew Laudon

Vice President

TechConnect, ATI Division

Dr. Laudon is Vice President of the TechConnect Division of ATI, where he oversees management of ATI's open innovation and technology scouting services. Matt has spent his career supporting entrepreneurs, corporates, and federal agencies accelerate innovation into industry and society. Previously Matt co-founded and led TechConnect and TechConnect Ventures, a 25 year technology prospecting company acquired by ATI in 2021. Matt has founded multiple technology accelerator companies and non-profits ranging across nanotech, cleantech, and defense innovation, managing roles ranging from startup advisor to funding vehicle management vetting thousands of innovations annually. Prior to TechConnect, Matt worked as a research scientist and technology commercialization lead at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Motorola, Los Alamos National Laboratory and various startups over the past 30 years. Matt has a Ph.D and M.S. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, a B.S. from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, with a strong interest in using open innovation models to address complex challenges ranging across civilian, urban, deep tech, big science and national security domains.