Non-Invasive, Polarimetric, Ultra-Widevband Electric Field Measurement System

K. Sarabandi
The University of Michigan, United States

Keywords: Near-field measurement, non-invasive, ultra-wideband, field mapping

A non-invasive electric field measurement system with a very small volume and non-metallic material is used to measure the components of the electric field from 1MHz-40GHz. This system can spatially map the filed produced by a wide range of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave antennas and circuits with high dynamic range and unprecedented spatial resolution. The very tiny field probe (1mm3) of the system consisting of an electro-optic (EO) crystal mounted at the tip of an optical fiber. This all-dielectric probe is virtually transparent to the DUT and does not perturb the electric field at the location of signal pickup. The spatial resolution is comparable to the footprint of a focused laser beam (