Improved human machine interface for combat medics to capture and transfer clinical data to an electronic health record system

L.A. Shluzas, D. Pickham, G. Aldaz, A.Shluzas, T. Sanks, T.Strohmer, M. Garcia, S. Mawer
Bio1 Systems, United States

Keywords: hands-free data entry, EHR usability, point-of-injury clinical documentation, pre-hospital treatment and triage, head mounted display

Nowhere are limitations in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) more evident than within the first critical periods of care (the “golden hour”) – from injury presentation, primary survey, stabilization, secondary survey, transportation, triage, and medical facility admission. Despite the commencement of clinical care, EHR limitations prevent much of this information from being captured and shared. In military and civilian operations, the field is often disconnected from medical facilities, both physically and in terms of data collected. Bio1 Systems is developing a novel EHR data capture platform that addresses three core limitations: flexibility in data entry methods; robust functioning in acute/uncontrolled/non-traditional environments; and EHR continuity across disconnected groups. The proposed platform comprises a head-mounted display (HMD), enabling hands-free clinical data capture and communication through mobile automated speech recognition (ASR) and object detection capabilities, and a novel disposable electronic triage tag (E-TC3) – providing for adaptable methods of documentation storage and transmission. With advancements in clinical interventions in the field, the proposed system is needed to allow combat medics and first responders to focus on clinical care, while capturing the complexity of operations undertaken during this golden hour of survivability.