Kajsa Paulsson

A. Professor

Lund University

Kajsa M Paulsson leads a research group at Experimental Medical Sciences, Lund University focusing on antigen presentation in relation to both immunotherapy and disease mechanisms. With a passion for strategic development as well as cross-border and cross-disciplinary cooperation she has successfully driven several local as well as international projects and initiatives to e.g., promote collaboration as well as competence and technology development in the life science sector. She is a dedicated management and board member at e.g., Lund Institute of Advanced X-ray and Neutron Sciences (LINXS), the board of the Biomedical Centre, Lund University, director of Microscopy Community Lund University and as the project manager of Hanseatic League of Science (HALOS). She is frequently consulted as reviewer of grants and prioritizations of investments in the life science sector as well as for opinions on future directions.