Anand Kelkar

Vice President
Jovian Software Consulting, LLC

Anand Kelkar is the Vice President at Jovian. Anand has 25 years if experience in architecture, system and software development across Aviation and Automotive industry. Anand has been an expert practitioner of MBSE over many years developing models in multiple modeling standards, modeling types and tool sets supporting product development. Anand is also a subject matter expert in MOSA with experience in open systems development in commercial and military aviation. Anand leads the Jovian team in development of MOSA vision for the Army through FVL Architecture Framework (FAF) using MBSE methods. Anand is currently supporting Govt and Industry in implementation of MOSA using MBSE through FVL, component development, digital engineering (DE) tool Development and training. Anand has a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and Masters degrees in Math & Computer Science and Business.