Dr. Mark Vriesenga

Chief Engineer, Info Analytics; Chief Scientist, FAST Labs
BAE Systems Electronic Systems

Dr. Mark Vriesenga - Director, Transformation Concepts - Chief Scientist, FAST Labs Cyber Technology. Dr. Vriesenga is a Global Engineering Fellow (Agile EaSA, Offensive Cyber Technology) and OSWP, OSCP OSCE, OSEE, CEH/CNDA, CISSP, Safe Agilest, Certified Enterprise Architect. He has been with BAE Systems for 29 years. Dr. Vriesenga roles cover a vast background which include as:  Chief Engineer, Advanced Programs; Offensive & Defensive Cyber Security; in Strategic Program Capture and Business Development; and an Algorithm Developer. He is I&S University Founder, in the Cyber Resilience Capability Group, and Model-Based Agile Engineering Capability Group.