Steve Glover

Manager of Electrical Sciences and Experiments
Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Steve Glover is the manager of the Electrical Sciences and Experiments department at Sandia National Laboratories.  He has over 30 years of research experience which includes expanding the performance limits and increasing resiliency of electrical systems.

He leads teams across multiple disciplines including power electronics, controls, high voltage sciences, and electromagnetics.  Research is enabling integration of advanced weapons into electrical systems; integration of high penetration levels of stochastic sources (renewables) into electrical systems; performance of electrical systems in abnormal environments; understanding the fundamental physics of electrical breakdown and lightning; detecting, locating, and mitigating electrical breakdown and lightning; minimizing the risk of and damage caused by lightning induced wildfires; as well as the coupling and mitigation of electromagnetic (including EMP) energy into electrical systems and other national infrastructures.

Prior to his present position he led an advanced pulsed power research team at Sandia National Laboratories; he developed power electronics and controls as a Research Engineer at Purdue University, advanced power electronics, machines, and drives as a Research engineer with P.C. Krause and Associates; and he researched solid state transformers, stability, and advanced controls as an Associate Research Engineer at Missouri University of Science and Technology.