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FEBRUARY 17, 2021


Technologies for improved delivery of supplemental oxygen and oxygen therapy.


Thirty-one (31) institutions responded to this Sprint including non-traditional institutions in the start-up, small business, corporate, university and research laboratory sectors. The aim of this call was to accelerate the adoption of new technologies for oxygen delivery systems, which are critical to maintaining reliable and effective oxygen treatment for stable quality of life outside of primary and/or intensive care environments.

Highlights from the pools of Entrants include:

  • Geographical distribution across 4 continents, including 11 unique
    nations of origin
  • Entries describe innovations capable of resolving critical deficiencies in
    the existing state of the art, including:
    • Improved portability
    • More efficient flow rate and flow management
    • Improved autonomy of monitoring and delivery systems
    • Autonomous and self-adjustment of delivery systems
  • Technology innovations were mainly distributed across the following
    • Portable oxygen concentrators (POC)
    • Ventilator technologies
    • Automated and remote monitoring
    • Innovative power sources

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