A novel high-brightness high-luminance solid state illumination technology

O. Philip, I. Shestakova
CRYTUR USA, Massachusetts, United States

Poster stand number: T149

Keywords: illumination, solid-state, HUD, projection, lighting, reliability, energy efficient

We developed a novel lighting technology which presents many advantages over conventional HID, LED and laser illumination. Our modules use a high power (5W) laser diode to pump a single crystal phosphor in a very compact (1/2 in.), cost effective, energy efficient and highly reliable package. This revolutionary design produces very high brightness (1200lm), and high luminance in a variety of wavelengths covering 500 to 600 nm. A white illumination module is also in development. This technology is highly customizable and can integrate optical filtering and lenses in the very small diameter for a complete compact and light weight optical system. Our narrow beam model can project a 2 degree beam using a 10mm diameter lens and can be used as an aerial drone mounted searchlight. This technology has applications in scientific instrumentation, projection devices (heads up display), searchlights, navigation lights, instrument illumination and covers a range of colors unattainable with LED or laser technology. Our 517nm (green) module has low attenuation in sea water and can be used for underwater illumination and optical communication. Optical fiber conveyance can be done efficiently and enables remote source lighting possibilities.