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NOVEMBER 28-30, 2023


Tuesday, September 27

AI, Big Data, Analytics

AI-driven data pipelines for real-time offloading and analytics applications | T108
A. Verma, S. Kumara, The Pennsylvania State University, US

Trackable Reasoning and Analysis for Crowdsourcing and Evaluation (TRACE) | T109
J. Stromer-Galley, B. McKernan, Syracuse University, US

Transfer Learning Model For Terahertz VLSI Testing Technology | T110
N. Akter, M.R. Siddiquee, J. Suarez, M. Shur, and N. Pala, Florida International University, US

Online Learning via Offline Greedy Algorithms: Applications in Market Design and Optimization | T111
N. Golrezaei, MIT Sloan School of Management, US

Robust Anomaly Detection: SNAP Clustering Patterns | T112
J. Woody, Mississippi State University, US

Adversarial Forecasting: A Decision theoretic approach | T113
T. Ekin, W.H. Caballero, R. Naveiro, D. Rios Insua, Texas State University, US

Accurate and quick AI-diagnostic for periodontitis and systemic diseases | T114
F. Paillier, CircaGene, UK


Advanced Manufacturing

Optical scan for subsurface defect detection | T101
C. Harmer, Materic LLC, US

A novel advanced microfabrication technology (micromilling) to manufacture state-of-the-art sensing technologies | T102
C. Dale, Microbritt Ltd, UK

Destruction of PFAS and CWA in Benchscale Supercritical Water Oxidation Reactor | T103
J. Li, S. Moore, C. Austin, B. Pinkard, A. Mamishev, I. Novosselov, University of Washington, US

System, Method, and Computer Program Product for Manufacturing a Customized Product | T104
T. Go, Baru, US

Intelligent Metal Deposition for Large Scale Part Fabrication | T105
B. Jared, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, US


Advanced Networks & Wireless

touchless Wireless Power Transfer (tWPT) | T106
A. Glover, C. Baker, WiGL Inc., US

Secure, Integrated Private Wireless Network Architecture | T107
A.D. Stewart, Cisco Systems, Inc., US


Cyber Solutions & Resilience

Scan your fingerprints with a phone | T115
A. Vendhan, Identy Inc, US

Dual-Use Onboard Aircraft Platform Cybersecurity | T116
M. Bartolotta, CCX Technologies, CA

Zero Trust Data: Network ready data implemented using structured cryptography | T117
Y. Auh, NUTS Technologies Inc., US

Autonomous Penetration Testing Technology | T118
J.Straub, North Dakota State University, US

Using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for Hardware IP Protection | T119
A. Kulkarni and M. Niamat, The University of Toledo, US

Who's Watching Your Firmware? A Critical Gap in Cybersecurity Programs | T120
S. Spry and J. Loucaides, Spry Squared Inc, US

CMMC, A DoD Cyber Defense Standard | T121
A. Pabrai, ecfirst, Inc., US


Energy, Efficiency, Grid

Resilient, EMP-Hardened, Renewable Offshore Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Ammonia Production for Maritime Fueling, Cargo Loading, and Marine Aquaculture | T122
E. Greenbaum, GTA, Inc., US

A tool for planning and tracking building energy efficiency, grid-interactivity, and autonomy at scale | T123
P. Rastogi, arbnco Inc., US

Sustainable Desalination Device Capable of Generating Electricity | T124
V-H. Trinh, N-A. Nguyen, O. Omelianovych, H-S. Choi, Chungnam National University, KR


Medical, Health & Biotech

MIMIX Sustained Release Patch | T125
L. Valenti, Vaxess Technologies, Inc., US

Microbiome-friendly Wound Healing Platform | T126
E. Stein & L. Morton, Primal Therapies, US

Potential Biomedical Applications for Germicidal Optical Fibers | T127
K. Westerhoff, H2Optic Insights, US

Expanded Nanofiber Sponges for Management of Junctional Hemorrhage | T128
J. Xie, S. Muntazir Andrabi, M.A. Carlson, University of Nebraska Medical Center, US

Generative Sequence Models for Personalized and Semi-Personalized CAR-TCR Candidates | T129
A. Nguyen, JURA Bio, Inc., US

Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer: Intelligent Biosensor (iBiosensC) Using Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) as a Urine-Based Protein Biomarker | T130
K. Dao, S. Prithweeraj, B.Tech, S. Mamidi, R.R. Ampadi, H. Kanniyappan, and M.T. Mathew, UIC College of Medicine at Rockford, US

C. Lamuta, University of Iowa - Mechanical Engineering - SMMS Lab, US

A palm-size, wireless, low-cost nanosystem for real-time sensing viruses, bacteria, cancers, and screening drugs, vaccines, and antibodies | T132
R. Tian, University of Arkansas, US

Early Prediction of Periodontitis Risk Level with Saliva-based Advanced Learning biosensor (SAL 9000) Using Proteomic Biomarker MMP-9 | T133
H. Kanniyappan, S. Prithweeraj, L. Barba, S. Mamidi, R. Wang, University of Illinois, US

Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation as a Novel Form of Information Transfer | T134
Y. Valter, D. Truong, A. Datta, Soterix Medical Inc., US

SMART Sensors for the Detection of Metal Ions in Orthopedic Patients | T135
M.T. Mathew, University of Illinois, College of Medicine, US

Smart Individualized Near-face Extended Wear (SINEW) Mask | T136
C. Yu, A. Lau, E. Martija, J. Hao, S. Makhsous, A. Mamishev, University of Washington, US

Technologies for Wearable and Remote Monitoring | T138
N. McFarlane, University of Tennessee, US

A Wearable and Novel Algorithm for Objective Measurement of Chronic Pain | T139
M. Orzabal, CereVu Medical, US

Bionaut™: A Novel, Tetherless Micro-robotic Platform for Monitoring, Diagnostic, Surgical and Therapeutic Applications in the CNS | T152
A. Chung, Bionaut Labs, US


Mobility & Transportation

Digital Engineering a Lunar Rover Prototype using Innoslate's Digital Thread | T140
S. Dam, M.Jones, M. Jordan, L. Stevie, A. Tapia, SPEC Innovations, US

Autonomous Positioning, Navigation and Timing | T141
O. Boyraz and B.Jalali, University of California, Irvine, US


Nanotech & Advanced Materials

Curing and self-healing of enzymatic construction materials using nanoparticles | T142
N. Rahbar, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US

Fungal Mycelium Transformation into Nanostructured Ultrananocrystalline Diamond via Microwave Plasma Pyrolysis | T143
B. Stein, University of Texas at Dallas/Center for Engineering Innovation, US

High efficiency motor using a novel magnetic material solution- CleanLam | T144
A. Mehedi, CM Materials Inc, US


Sensors & Systems

Portable High Precision Radiocarbon Sensor for Stand Off Applications | T145
B.D.V. Marino, Planetary Emissions Management Inc., US

Thermal 3D Perception in Low Contrast Environments | T146
A. Filippov, O. Filippova, Elphel, Inc., US

Sensor-agnostic Edge/Fog AI Platform | T147
B. Abidi, Phelps2020, Inc., US

High-throughput AI-powered 3D nano-printed sensitive sensors with across sector use including the forward arena | T148
X. Liu, Tao Treasures LLC DBA Nanobiofab, US

A novel high-brightness high-luminance solid state illumination technology | T149
O. Philip, I. Shestakova, CRYTUR USA, US


Simulation, Training & Readiness

High Performance solar Panel Optimization | T150
S. Liang, Z. He, and L. He, San Jose State University, US


VR, AR, MR & 360

NARA – Nakamir Augmented Reality Assistant for Training, Rehearsal and Guidance | T151
C. Leuze, Nakamir, US


Wednesday, September 28

AI, Big Data, Analytics

Facilitating development and use of complex simulation models with the Machine Assisted Generation, Calibration, and Control (MAGCC) Framework | W106
C. Cockrell, S. Christley and G. An, University of Vermont, US

Axial Compressor Map Generation Leveraging Autonomous Self-training AI | W107
M. Burlaka, SoftInWay, Inc., US

Evidence Analysis Leads to Unbiased Identification | W108
J. Mason, North Carolina A&T State University, US


Advanced Manufacturing

3D Printing of Carbide and Nitride Ceramics for Powered Electronics Packaging | W101
A. Steinmark, I. Ivanov, Materic Inc., US

Additive Manufacturing of Bone Graft Ceramics | W102
A. Steinmark, I. Ivanov, Materic Inc., US

FCS - Automated Pascal Casting Machine | W103
C. Murray and M. Bliss, Foundry Casting Systems, LLC, US

Multifunctional Insulation and Heat-Exchange Composites for Cold Region Infrastructure | W104
J. Olowonigba, K. Veluswamy, D. Salem, South Dakota Scholl of Mines and Technology, US

Continuous Flow MOF Synthesis in Supercritical CO2 | W105
E. Rasmussen, M. Hossain, J. Kramlich, A. Mamishev, I Novosselov, University of Washington, US


Blockchain & Data Sharing

Zero Trust Authentication - Blockchain government ID with PKI Orchestration | W109
M. Vesey, E. Vinton, K. Kneis, IdRamp, US


Critical Infrastructure

Nuclear Replaces Diesel Generators, 110x Reduction in Power Logistics Burden | W110
D. Bernauer, A. Eliassen, Radiant, US

Portable, Intelligent Thermosonic Imaging System for Rapid, Full-Field Nondestructive Inspection of Defects | W111
D. Xiang, X-wave Innovations, Inc., US

AIM Intelligent Machines: Fully Autonomous Earthmoving for Global-Scale Challenges | W112
A. Sadilek, R. Kotlaba, and H. Kautz, AIM Intelligent Machines, US

Continuous Flow Hydrothermal Alkaline Treatment of PFOS | W113
I. Novosselov, The University of Washington, US


Cyber Solutions & Resilience

Modular Security Apparatus for Managing Distributed Cryptography for Command-and-Control Messages on Operational Technology Networks (Module-OT) | W114
D. Saleem, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US

Supply Chain Cybersecurity And Resilience For Internet Of Things | W115
J. Farooq and Q. Zhu, University of Michigan-Dearborn, US


Energy, Efficiency, Grid

The Advanced Integrated Resilience System (AIRS) | W116
G. Weltman, S. Mastro, L. Glassman, C. Simon-Arndt, S. Hurtado, C.J. Thomsen, P. Nardulli, Perceptronics Solutions, Inc., US

PROTECT (PoweR Output from ThermoElectric/Catalyst Technology) | W117
Y. Khakpour, M. Pearson, Raytheon Technologies Research Center, US

A novel energy storage device: supercapbattery for defense applications | W118
M.K. Ram, A. Takshi, PolyMaterials App, LLC, US

Intelligent Battery Power Management System (iBPM) with Distributed Master-less DC/DC Converters for Energy Storage Applications | W119
D. Xiang, X-wave Innovations, Inc., US


Logistics & Supply Chain

A Trusted and Secure Semiconductor Supply Chain using Blockchain Technology and Hardware Oriented Security | W120
A. Kulkarni and M. Niamat, University of Toledo, US


Medical, Health & Biotech

Management of Battlefield Trauma by Extremely Rapid Tissue Regeneration | W122
S. Chien, H. Sarojini, G.J Kotwal, NOVERATECH, LLC, US

A Novel Agent for Synthetic Opioid Overdose Prevention and Rescue that Provides Military Personnel, First-Responders, Law Enforcement, and Overdose Victims with Long Lasting Protection from Exposure to Deadly Synthetic Opioids | W123
T. Jenkins, and A.G. Sturmer, Elysium Therapeutics, Inc., US

SEER-Medicare Linked Data and Deep Learning: Help Advance Evidence-based Care to Breast Cancer Patients | W124
N.R. Adam, and R. Wieder, Phalcon, LLC, US

The Host Response Map: a Cutting-Edge AI/ML Approach to Characterizing Human Immune Response | W125
B. Reddy, Jr., Prenosis, Inc., US

Real-Time Space-Resolved Monitoring of Aerosol Distribution in Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units | W126
I. Novosselov, The University of Washington, US

Miniature Multispectral Flourescent Sensor for Volatile Organic Compounds | W127
I. Novosselov, The University of Washington, US

Therapeutic targeting of sphingosine kinase 2 in tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance and non-small cell lung cancer tumorigenicity | W128
S.M. Nasifuzzaman, N. Dube, K. Lam, R.J. Hillwig and N. Puri, University of Illinois, US

Elucidating T-oligo's Mechanism of Action as an Anticancer Therapeutic | W129
A. Agnihotri and N. Puri, University of Illinois, Chicago, US

Wearable devices for non-invasive blood pressure monitoring | W130
X. Quan, PyrAmes Inc., US

The interplay between peak performance and concussion impairment: Emerging insights from objective neurophysiological monitoring | W131
R. D'Arcy, HealthTech Connex, US

An Improved Robotic Electrophysiology Platform for Arrhythmia Ablation | W132
P. Mata, UNandUP, US

System for Wound Care Management | W133
S. Gaspard, Rubitection, US

A Forehead Wearable for Objective Measure of Dyspnea and Air-Hunger | W134
M. Orzabal, CereVu Medical, US


Mobility & Transportation

Hydrogen fuel cell powered air and road or air and water eVTOL vehicle (flying forklift) | W135
S. Sathya, LuftCar LLC, US

Automated Mobility Platforms (AMPs) for Versatile, Energy Efficient, Facility and District Scale Transport | W136
S. Young, A. Duvall, J. Dean, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US


Nanotech & Advanced Materials

Rare Earth Free Manganese Bismuth (MnBi) Permanent Magnets | W137
B. Pratt, Magnet Energy LLC, US

Enhanced protection of military personnel using flame-retardant on lightweight fabric | W138
K. Postell, S. Farias, K. McWilliams, Materic Inc., US

MOF - Nanofiber Composites for Chemical Absorbance/Remediation | W139
M. Pallotta, Materic Inc., US

Simulation of Heat Transfer of Al2O3/Water Nanofluid- Effect Volume Fraction | W140
N. Dukhan, University of Detroit Mercy, US

Smart magnetorheological fluids | W141
S. Verma, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US

Graphene Ink Manufacturing and Its Inkjet-Printed Sensors for Electrochemical Phosphate Sensing | W142
S.R. Das, Kansas State University, US

Circular Economy of Silicon Based Materials | W143
C. Sims, Bowling Green State University, US


Sensors & Systems

An ultra-low-loss micromechanical torsion balance leveraging nanoscale dissipation dilution | W144
C. Condos, J. Pratt, NIST/University of Arizona, US

Microwave Sensor System for Nondestructive Characterization of Multi-Layered Non-Conductive Composites and Coatings | W145
D. Xiang, X-wave Innovations, Inc., US

Diagnosing Local Faults in Gearbox & Bearing Systems for Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) Applications | W146
A. Nadkarni, J. Hofmeister, W. Pena, C. Curti, Ridgetop Group Inc., US

Miniaturized adaptive imager for remote sensing | W147
T. Gu, University of Delaware, US


Simulation, Training & Readiness

Smart Simulation Training | W148
J. Emery, Sim-Tech, US

A Secure, AI-Driven Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing Platform | W151
J. Carney, MARi, LLC, US


UAVs/Drones & Robotics

Low Signature Vertical Take-off and Landing UAV Powered by Ion Propulsion | W149
T. Pribanic, Undefined Technologies, US


VR, AR, MR & 360

Eagle Eye Enhanced Reality | W150
O. Filippova, A. Filippov, Elphel, Inc., US


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