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AI, Big Data, Analytics

CRYPTOCHEM Technology for Secure Data Storage and Exchange using Chemicals
D. Fourches, North Carolina State University, US

Fuzzy Collision Avoidance Algorithm for UAVs
J.A. Crowder, Colorado Engineering Inc., US

Data Analytics: The Big Data Analysis Process (BDAP) Architecture
J.A. Crowder, Colorado Engineering Inc., US

WINSTON (Warnings and Indicators from Net-like distributed Signatures of Threats in Open communications and News media)
Y. Levchuk and L. Sager, Intelligent Models Plus, US

CarML: Reproducible Deep Learning Model Evaluation and Management
A. Dakkak, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, US

First Language Attribution without Genre Specificity (FLAGS)
D. Guarrera, T. Mckinnon, Quantitative Scientific Solutions, LLC, US

Autonomous Data Extractor Tool (ADE) Based On Real-Time and Adaptive Unsupervised Learning (RAUL)
T.A. Duong, Adaptive Computation LLC, US

Optix: the Lens Through Which You View the World
J. Hughes, J. Morgan, Commonwealth Computer Research, US

Realism Adversarial Networks: Train Deep Networks with Simulated Data
P. Torrione, M. Hibbard, CoVar Applied Technologies, US

Logic Compatible Non-Volatile Neural Network Accelerator
S-H. Song, S.Kim, S-S. Lee, and C.H. Kim, ANAFLASH Inc, US

AI-Enabled Disaster Assessment and Resilience for Interdependent Critical Civil Infrastructures
H. Pan, Y. Ge, Z. Lin, North Dakota State University, US

Secure Distributed ML via GASP Codes
R.G.L. DOliveira, S. El Rouayheb, D. Karpuk, H. Seferoglu, Y. Xing, Rutgers University, US

Corrosion-induced damage identification in metallic structures using machine learning approaches
Z. Zhang, X. Wang, H. Pan, and Z. Lin, North Dakota State University, US

Advanced Manufacturing

Contact Electroplating Technology (CET)
I. Kadija, ECSI Fibrotools, US

Femtosecond laser surface treatment for a range of military and civilian applications
C. Guo, University of Rochester/AlchLight, US

High Density Through Glass Via (TGV) Interposers for 3D Packaging and Ultra-High Resolution Cameras.
T. Collier, CVInc, US

High density vertical farming and processing of rubber dandelions for premium military grade rubber and rapid supply expansion.
K. Cornish and T. Madden, American Sustainable Rubber, US

Chemistry Evaluation of Printed Inks for Harsh Environments
M. Kolel-Veetil, A. Schrand, R. Siefert, C. Neff and E. Elston, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, US

Titanium-Based Layered Armor: Advanced Technology for Fabrication
S.V. Prikhodko, O.M. Ivasishin, P.E. Markovsky, D.G. Savvakin, O.O. Stasiuk, University of California, Los Angeles, US

Friction Stir Welding to Join Wrought Homogenized Armor Steel
W. Evans, R.A.R. Giorjão, M. Eff, M. McDonnell, A.J. Ramirez, The Ohio State University, US

Hot Cracking Phenomena in Light-Weight Armor Steel Based on the FeMnAl-C Alloy System
W. Evans, R.A.R. Giorjão, M. Eff, M. McDonnell, A.J. Ramirez, The Ohio State University, US

Wettability properties of 3D printable polymers and 3D printed structures for engineering applications
M. Pearson, Y. Bu, J. Brandon, B. Khoda, Z. Lin, North Dakota State University, US

Advanced Networks & Wireless

An Expedited Internet Bypass Lane Protocol
N. Shenoy, P. Willis, Rochester Institute of Technology, US

Network Traffic Acceleration with TCP & UDP Offloading in Massively parallel FPGA technology
K. Masood, Intilop, Inc, US

Blockchain & Data Sharing

Isotopic Blockchain: stable isotope measurements and Blockchain to trace the origins of food in the global supply chain
F. Vasefi, SafetySpect Inc., US

C4ISR, Electronics & Comms

Security Threats in Approximate Computing Networks-on-Chip
P. Ampadu and S. Ma, Virginia Tech, US

Towards Secure DoD Hardware: Device with Secure Interconnect and Enhanced Resilience Against Hardware Trojans and Side-Channel Attacks
A. Ganguly and S. Manoj, George Mason University, US

Applications of Coherent Multi-Port System Architectures
T. Pratt, University of Notre Dame, US

Machine Learning-based Cognitive EW for C4ISR Automation
A. Walker, Vadum, Inc., US

Cyber Solutions & Resilience

Terahertz Testing of Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits
M. Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

Hybrid Boolean Network Physically Uncloneable Functions
A. Pomerance, D. Canaday, N. Charlot, D. Gauthier, Potomac Research LLC, US

Visual Hacking, An Overlooked Threat
C. Kirkeby, Covert Ink™ (a brand of Inkable Arts), US

Cyber and network Security using Hardware
R. Smith, G. Fiorante, P. Ampadu, Fault Tolerant Technology, US

Energy, Efficiency, Grid

High Energy Density Liquid Rechargeable Battery Pods for Closed-Cycle Energy Storage Ecosystem
J.P. Katsoudas, E.V. Timofeeva, C.U.Segre, A.G. Duchak, Influit Energy, LLC, US

Advanced Engineered Liquid Coolants for Efficient and Economical Thermal Management
J.P. Katsoudas, E.V. Timofeeva, C.U.Segre, A.G. Duchak, Influit Energy, LLC, US

Tuning the Performance of Energetic Materials using Boron Analogs of Graphene as Catalytic Additives
H. Gunda, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, IN

Cyber Secured and Resilient Photovoltaic (PV)-Battery Energy Storage System
M. H. Ali, University of Memphis, US

Femtosecond laser processed non-additive broad-band/selective absorptive coatings for a range of military and civilian applications
S. Singh, University of Rochester, US

Ultra-fast solid state DC circuit breaker for future combatant and commercial ships
P. Cairoli, V.R.V. Ramanan, L. Omati, M. Carminati, ABB Inc., US

Advance Separation Membrane bearing Preferentially Ordered Morphology
P.P. Chu, National Central University, TW

Passive, Ejector-Based Cooling System Powered by Low Temperature Heat
M.J. Bergander, D. Butrymowicz, M. Madej, Magnetic Development,Inc. & Marani Sp., US

eVinci Micro Reactor- A Very Small, Mobile Nuclear Power Plant to improve DoD's Energy Security
Y. Arafat, R. Blinn, L. Sandell, Westinghouse Electric Company, US

A cone-shaped desalination device capable of simultaneously producing electricity using only sunlight
V-H. Trinh, N-A. Nguyen, V-D. Dao, Y. Jeong, I. Yoon, H-S.Choi, Chungnam National University, KR

Scalable Architectures for Battlefield Energy Management
R. Rahman, P. Ampadu, BEM Controls, US

Preventing ice accretion in wind energy and aerospace applications
G. Toledo, S. Beckford, SurfTec, US

Poseidon Hydroelectric - A New Approach to Power Production
R.M. Navarro, Renewable Ocean Energy Inc, US

Logistics & Supply Chain

Real-Time Elemental Analysis of Fuel, Petroleum and Other Liquids Using LIBS
A.A. Bolshakov, S.J. Pandey, X. Mao, C. Liu, J.H. Yoo, and R.E. Russo, Applied Spectra, Inc., US

Contracting Officer Representative IT Solution
D. Naseer, World Technology U.S.A LLC, US

Securing Global Assets and the Supply Chain
B. Meadows, LocatorX, US

Supply Chain Security and Integrity Assessment of Legacy Systems and Platforms
C. Aguayo Gonzalez, PFP Cyber, US

Counterfeit detection sensor based on logic-compatible embedded Flash for IC supply chain management
S-H. Song, S.Kim, S-S. Lee, and C.H. Kim, ANAFLASH Inc, US

Securing the Drug Supply for the US Military
R. Cunningham, K. Kaucera, Valisure, US

Medical, Health & Biotech

Nanozeolite platforms for health-related applications
B. Wang, ZeoVation, Inc., US

Extremely Simple, Highly Portable Nitric Oxide (NO) Generator Devices for Treating Exposure to Biowarfare and Other Respiratory Infective Agents in Austere Environments
G. Martin, P. Rabinovich, M. Meyeroff, NOTA Laboratories LLC, US

NuCress™ scaffold as a spine fusion novel solution
K.Alghazali, M. Srivatsan, S. Trigwell, D. Bumpass, E. Mannen, R. McCarthy, D.E Anderson, A.S. Biris, S. Ballard, NuShores Biosciences LLC, US

Persistent Access to Tactical Casualty Health (PATCH)
R. Myers, Vivonics, Inc., US

Field-Deployment Diagnosis for Eye Trauma
J.V. Jokerst, University of California, San Diego, US

SanFlow: A Therapeutic Agent for Use in the Field for Traumatic Brain Injury
C. Hsia and R.C. Koehler, AntiRadical Therapeutics LLC, US

Optopatch: high-throughput all-optical electrophysiology.
C. A. Werley, O. M. McManus, G. T. Dempsey, Q-State Biosciences, US

Extremely Simple, Highly Portable Nitric Oxide (NO) Generator Device for Treating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
G. Martin, A. Wolf., P. Rabinovich, M. Meyeroff, NOTA Laboratories LLC, US

Destruction of PFAS using High Frequency Power Ultrasound
R. Marsh, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US

A Tool to Predict Pressure Ulcers in Subjects with Spinal Cord Injury
J.V. Jokerst, University of California, San Diego, US

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Predict and Improve Health Outcomes, Maximize Quality Improvement, and Reduce Costs
S.Kapoor, HealthEC, LLC, US

A Sprayable Hydrogel to Prevent Postoperative Adhesion Formation
L. Costella, C. Tison, Luna Innovations, US

Flexible Nanofiber-Based Electrodes for Material Property-Matched Neural Interfacing
J. Remer, C. Tison, K. Yoshida, A. Joshi-Imre, L. Costella, Luna Innovations, US

Nanofiber-Reinforced Hydrogels for the Stabilization of Open Globe Injuries
L. Costella, L. Woodard, A. Eiseman, C. Tison, Luna Innovations, US

Development of Bioinformed Platform for Realistic Joint Reduction Training
M. Patterson, D. Remer, M. DeWitt, K. Virgilio, C. Tison, Luna Innovations, US

Rapid, Point-of-Need Nucleic Acid-Based Detection of Pathogens
C.H. Kim, A. Onderak, GoDx, US

In-vivo Neuropotential Acquisition in Rat using a Wireless Fully-Passive Neural Recorder
S. Liu, C. Moncion, J. Zhang, L. Balachandar, D. Kwaku, J.J. Riera, J.L. Volakis, and J. Chae, Arizona State University, US

Bioinspired Polymeric Nanoparticles as Universal Antivenom
Y. Xu, B. Brooks, Z. Zhou, C. Tison, Luna Innovations Inc, US

Protein Expression in Whole Insect Larvae using baculovirus
R. Balcerzak, Allotropic Tech LLC, US

Long Lasting Drug Implants for Malaria Chemoprophylaxis
F. Liu, J. Zhou, Zymeron Corporation, US

The Mobil-AiderTM: An Innovative Orthopedic Device to Quantify Joint Mobility-Laxity
D.T. Gulick, Therapeutic Articulations, LLC, US

A Camera Based Diverse Molecular Detection System Using Plasmonic Platforms
Y. Zhao, L. Sun, C. Dong, S. Ravi, M. E. Zaghloul, The George Washington University, US

Advanced Diagnosis and Profiling in Neurotrauma using Novel Astrocyte Injury-Defined, AID, Biomarker Tests.
T. Van Meter, N. Mirshahi, V. Parrilli, and I-B. Wanner, BRAINBox Solutions, Inc., US

Ruggedized, Portable Perfusion System for Tissue Preservation
G. Srinivas, TDA Research Inc, US

A Point of Care Diagnostic Platform for In-Theater and En Route Warfighter Care
J.deSa, Instadiagnostics Inc., US

Injectable Hydrogels for the Percutaneous Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease
E. Brewer, P. Wilson, T. Schaer, Z. Brown, A. Lowman, W. Niland, ReGelTec, Inc., US

Transforming Screening and Surveillance for Autism in Children: Well Child Lens & The iM-CHAT
L. Tiranoff, D. Robins, D. Fein, C. Kerns, G. Polin, M. Tiranoff, J. Silverman, Tiranoff Productions LLC, US

Blockchain for Emergency Treatment for In-Theatre Troops
H.B. Grofe, and W. Charles, Nerthus Consulting LLC, US

Wearable Highly Sensitive Gold Electocatalytic Sensor for Biomarker Detection
R. Shekarriz, D. Friedrichsen, B. Brooks, G. Silaski, E. Wiest, and N. Kanagy, Exhalix, LLC, US

Extended Release Pyridostigmine Bromide Tablet for Improved Chemoprophylaxis against Nerve Agents
F. Liu, Zymeron Corporation, US

Improved human machine interface for combat medics to capture and transfer clinical data to an electronic health record system
L.A. Shluzas, D. Pickham, G. Aldaz, A.Shluzas, T. Sanks, T.Strohmer, M. Garcia, S. Mawer, Bio1 Systems, US

Mobility & Transportation

How safe and secure will flying cars be? An empirical exploratory analysis of public perceptions in the United States
U. Eker, S. Shahriar Ahmed, G. Fountas, S.E. Still, P.Ch. Anastasopoulos, University at Buffalo - The State University of New York, US

Modular Quick Release System to Optimize the Individual War fighter's Ergonomics
J. Bowerman, Bowerbags LLC, US

Facility for the Characterization of Inflatable Drop Stitch Fabric Panels
D. G. Taggart and G. Tsiatas, University of Rhode Island, US

Natural rubber security and high performance biobased materials for transportation
K. Cornish and H.A. Colvin, EnergyEne Inc, US

Reducing Effect of Aircraft Induced Clouds on DoD Contribution to Global Warming
L. Sherry, George Mason University, US

High-Fidelity Modeling of Particulate Transport and Deposition in Extreme Environments
J. Capecelatro, University of Michigan, US

Nanotech & Advanced Materials

Lumidize™: Environmentally Responsible Coatings for Improved Corrosion Resistance and Paint Adhesion
J. Watkins, LumiShield Technologies, US

Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Carbon Nanotube Sheets
D.W. Lee, H. Kim, S.J. Kim, Hanyang University, KR

Graphene oxide-based nanomaterials: from materials design to applications.
F. Caballero-Briones, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, CICATA Altamira, MX

High-Performance, Flexible Compound Semiconductor Devices for Small-Footprint High-Power RF and Detector Applications
V. Selvamanickam, University of Houston, US

Nano Oil Additive Improves Efficiency and Reduces Friction in Internal Combustion Engines
C. Bailey, Novum Nano, US

No Heat Liquid Metal Solder
I. Tevis, SAFI-Tech, US

Development of bio-based materials for packaging, agricultural, and construction applications
X. Zhao, The Ohio State University, US

Smart, sustainable and self-healing anticorrosive coatings
S.P. Surwade, SAS Nanotechnologies, US

Low-density Multifunctional Graphene Foam as an Explosion Suppression Material for Aircraft Fuel Tanks
M. Bakir, A. Coskun, Digital Materials LLC, US

Nano Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for diagnostic applications
L. Thurston, A. Thomson, MIP Diagnostics Limited, UK

Novel polymeric materials for improved H2 handling.
K. Cornish, The Ohio State University, US

Elastic Jamming – A new concept to make penetration resistant yet flexible composites
R. Selvaganapathy, D. Farouzi, McMaster University, CA

Edge Treatment of Machined Damages of Fiber Reinforced Composites
K.A. Brauning, K. Arifa, M.M. Rahman and R. Asmatulu, Wichita State University, US

A Novel Approach for Complex Electronic Interconnects: High Density, Flexible Substrates, Pressure and Temperature Sensitive
M. Ramkumar and M. Stemmermann, SunRay Scientific, US

Manufacturing of High-Performance Nanomaterials for Defense Applications
B.T. Mackey, Engi-Mat Co., US

Voltage-Tunable Mid- and Long-Wavelength Dual-Band Infrared Photodetector
X. Lu, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US

Sensors & Systems

Infrared thermal and biochemical analysis
K. Roodenko, Max IR Labs, US

Portable and High-throughput UV Raman Spectroscopy for Standoff Explosive Detection
F. Vasefi, SafetySpect Inc., US

Mapleseed Inspired Atmospheric Sensing
X. Liang, University of Michigan, US

Scalable high-Z composites for efficient nuclear detection
Z. Yu, Florida State University, US

A Novel IC CMOS Sensor for Remote RF Sensing
J. Chung, and A. A. Iliadis, University of Maryland, US

Carbon Nanotube Polymer Metal Composites for Flexible Sensors and Interconnects
M. Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

The GaSb-based type-I quantum well cascade diode laser technology.
L. Shterengas, Stony Brook University, US

RadioHound: A Pervasive Small Low-Cost RF Sensor
B.M. Hochwald, University of Notre Dame, US

Wireless Wearable Sensor to Characterize Respiratory Behavior
A. Chen and J. Chae, Arizona State University, US

RVLADE: Remote Video Learning and Analysis from Deep Embeddings
T. Emerick, A. Johnson, Commonwealth Computer Research, US

Single photon sensor for photon stream communication, photon counting, and quantum communication
M. Yamamoto, Purdue University, US

Inexpensive, Field-Portable, Rugged, 3-Module Voltammetric Electrochemical Sensor System with PPB Sensitivity, Multi-Analyte Detection and Discrimination for the Detection of Environmental Contaminants
B.J. Zay, P. Chandrasekhar, Ashwin Ushas Corp, US

Ultra High Temperature Fiber Optic Thermometer
G. Srinivas, TDA Research Inc, US

Next Generation Beamforming Synthetic Aperture Radar Architectures
R. Rincon, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, US

High Resolution Tri-Frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar
R. Rincon, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, US

Low power, chip-scale silicon CS-FET multi-gas sensors for toxic and combustible gas
H. Fahad, Serinus Labs, Inc., US

Non-Invasive, Polarimetric, Ultra-Widevband Electric Field Measurement System
K. Sarabandi, The University of Michigan, US

Non-line-of-sight imaging: How to see around corners?
S. Bauer, University of Wisconsin - Madison, US

Integrated Optical Phased Arrays for LiDAR
M. Watts, C.V. Poulton, M.J. Byrd, P. Russo, B. Moss, M. Khandaker, D. Vermeulen, Analog Photonics, LLC, US

Simulation, Training & Readiness

Overview of the Pulse Physiology Engine and its use in Medical Training and Simulation
R. Clipp, Kitware, Inc., US

Illinois Rocstar — Supporting the Warfighter through Physics-based Predictive Simulation
M. Safdari, Illinois Rocstar LLC, US

3D Virtual Environments to Reduce Refit Delays
M. Russalesi, G. Miller, Synergy Software Design, US

Space Technologies

Novel Quantum Sensing ApproachesNo
T. Goodson III, University of Michigan, US

High Power Density Motors and Generators
P. Bahn, TGV Rockets, US

Scalable Fusion Cores for Strategic Deep Space Missions
S. Lintner, S. You, M.V. Calvo, Helicity Space Inc., US

Enhanced Spacecraft Attitute Determination and Control System Test Bed for Small Satellites
T. Sorensen, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, US

UAVs/Drones & Robotics

Bi-Objective Study for the Assignment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Targets
J.A. Crowder, Colorado Engineering Inc., US

Autonomous Decentralized Swarms with Adversarial Resistance
M. Borowczak, S. Wolf, R. Cooley, J. Fantl, G. Burrows, University of Wyoming, US

Advances in Online Robotics: Cleaning Water Units while Remaining Operational
G.Swonke, Scantron Robotics USA, Inc., US

Electric Motors with Lossless, Lightweight Torque
W. Butrymowicz, R. Knippel, J. Reed, G. Reitz, C-Motive Technologies, US

Lightweight and Efficient Actuation of Robots Using Electroadhesive Clutches
S. Diller, C. Majidi, ESTAT Actuation, US


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