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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2:30 - 3:15 P.M.

Advanced Materials: Advanced Manufacturing

Optimal Placement of Elliptic Voids in 3D Printing Products
Deok-Soo KIM, Hanyang University, KR

Advanced Materials: Bioderived & Bioinspired Materials

Bioderived Antimicrobial Fabric Coatings
A. Argun, Giner, Inc., US

Advanced Materials: Electronic & Photonic Materials

Three terminal ultra-fast spin orbit torque magnetic memory
See-Hun Yang, Timothy Phung, and Stuart Parkin, IBM Research - Almaden, US

A 1 Tb/inch2 1 ns nonvolatile memory module based on magnetic-photoconductors
B. Nafradi, E. Horvath, L. Forro, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH

Micro- and nanosecond electro-optic liquid crystal modulators
Oleg D. Lavrentovich, Kent State University, US

From UV to IR: electrically controlled optical filters based on oblique helicoidal cholesterics
Oleg D. Lavrentovich, Kent State University, US

Advanced Materials: Energy & Power Materials

Two-dimensional lattice thermal transport in graphene using phonon scattering mechanism: Application as heat management material for defence equipments
K. K. Choudhary, Indian Military Academy, Army Cadet College, IN

High Activity Bismuth-Containing Electrocatalysts for Dimethyl Ether Fuel Cells
Anastasios Angelopoulos, University of Cincinnati, US

A Review of Ceramic Power Technology
S. Dynan, G. Knowles, S. Tuncdemir, Solid State Ceramics, US

Advanced Materials: Organic & Hybrid Materials

Catalytic Polymer Membranes for the Detection and Destruction of Environmental Hazards
Anastasios P. Angelopoulos, University of Cincinnati, US

Advanced Materials: Structural & Multifunctional Materials

Structural Concrete Mix for Electromagnetic Pulse Shielding
C.Y. Tuan and L. Nguyen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US

Ceramic laminates prepared by the Spark Plasma Sintering for personal ballistic protection
David Salamon, CEITEC – Central Europen Institute of Technology, Brno University of Technology, CZ

Bamboo-reinforced high performance concrete for defense structures
H. Soto, University of Puerto Rico, PR

Review of Striction Technology
S. Dynan, G. Knowles, S. Tuncdemir, Solid State Ceramics, Inc, US

Novel Fillers Reinforced with Nanoparticles for Aluminum TIG Welding
Andres Felipe Calle, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, US

Cyber & Software: Communications

Cyber protection by dumbing down user-owned devices and leveraging edge clouds
Malathi Veeraraghavan, Xiao Lin and Dan Kilper, University of Virginia, US

Beyond Automatic Speech Recognition: Who Said What in Massive Spoken Conversation Data Collections
D. Rao and B. McMahan, Joostware AI Research Corporation, US

Cyber & Software: Financial Services

High Performance Computing (HPC) / Big Data Analytics in the Cloud – Case Study of a scalable, on demand, Data Science Workstation environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
James McGinn, Blue Canopy, US

Defense Systems: Communication Systems

All-optical THz-wave modulation for satellite telecommunication
B. Nafradi, E. Horvath, L. Forro, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH

Defense Systems: Electronic Systems

Acceleration of Machine Learning with magnetic domain walls: Magnetic Neuromorphic Devices
See-Hun Yang, Ching-Tzu Chen, IBM Research - Almaden, US

High Performance Wide Bandgap Switch Mode Power Technologies
William M.Bradley, QorTek Inc., US

Ultra-low Noise High Power Density Power Solutions
William M. Bradley, QorTek Inc., US

Microelectronics Advancements in Extreme Environments
Ken G. Riley, Marshall Soares, RelChip, US

Printing of Nano and Microscale Electronics and Sensors on Flexible and Rigid Substrates
Ahmed Busnaina, Northeastern University, US

Defense Systems: Security Systems

Chemical Identification Through Packaging Material Using Safe Raman Spectroscopy
Jun Zhao, Jack Zhou, Katherine Bakeev, Sean Wang, B&W Tek, US

Plasma Based Force-Field Access Denial System/PBFFADS
Ernesto Gonzaga, LEV Engineering and Applied Science, US

High Quality-Factor Resonant Terahertz Detectors
Mustafa Karabiyik, See Through Vision Systems, US

Defense Systems: Sensor Systems

Lithium Innovations Neutron Detector Array (LINDA)
Alvin Compaan, Ford Cauffiel, Ralph Becker, Bob Fisher, Victor Plotnikov, Shan Ambalanath, Anthony Matthews, Song Cheng, Lithium Innovations Co., LLC, US

Single photon x-ray detector
B. Nafradi, E. Horvath, L. Forro, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH

All-Photonic Micro-Sensor Based on Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators
B. Snider, T. Ippolo, V, Otugen, B. Gnade, Southern Methodist University, US

Whispering Gallery Mode Devices: New Paradigms in Optical Sensors
Abraham Qavi, Xuefeng Jiang, Steven He, Guangming Zhao, Weijan Chen, Linhua Xu, Xiangyi Xu, Yihang Li, Changqing Wang, Lan Yang, Washington University in St. Louis, US

Defense Systems: Transportation

Replacing Internal Combustion Engine with new I x B Electromagnetic engine
Ernesto Gonzaga, LEV Engineering and Applied Science, US

Defense Systems: UAVs

Optimal Path Planning for UAVs under Dynamic Obstacles
Deok-Soo KIM, Hanyang University, KR

Kiwi: A New, More Capable Unmanned VTOL Platform
A. Bercu, W. Chen, C. Guan, Equals Zero Designs LLC, US

Energy & Resilience: Buildings & Bases

Energy Awareness and Education to Meet Net Zero Energy
J. Day, Washington State University, US

Energy & Resilience: Energy Security

Hardware Oriented Security and Trust Based Smart Meters
Nitin Pundir and Mohammed Niamat, University of Toledo, US

Energy & Resilience: Energy Storage

Ultracapacitors – Rapid, Reliable, Safe Power
Brendan Andrews, Tecate Group, US

Lightweight And Energy-Dense Batteries With An Unmatched Safety Profile
Richard Wang, Cuberg, Inc., US

Incommensurateness of graphene layers boosts the capacity of storing lithium
Tereza M. Paronyan, Hexalayer, LLC, US

Energy & Resilience: Grid Solutions

Solid-State DC Circuit Breaker
Matthew Munderville, Diversified Technologies, Inc., US

Energy & Resilience: Power Generation

High Efficiency Solar Cells for Space and Terrestrial Applications
Paul R. Sharps, SolAero Technology Corp, US

High power-per-weight, flexible, and stretchable ultra-thin solar cells
M. White and M. Kaltenbrunner, University of Vermont, US

Portable Hiker Hydro-Power Generation
William Baxley, MajiGear, US

Electric UAV increased persistence with integrated solar wings
Ken Steele, SolAero Technologies, US

Lightweight Flexible Thermoelectric Power Generator for Military
Jaeyun Moon, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US

Energy & Resilience: Transportation

The Hybrid Tiger Long Endurance Solar/Fuel Cell/Soaring Unmanned Air Vehicle
R. Stroman, US Naval Research Laboratory, US

Biogenic Process for Converting Propellants and Energetics to Usable Byproducts (Such as Biofuel)
W. Porubsky, D. Vail, P. Sanchez, P. Sheehan, E. Cooke, K. Singer, S. Dorsey, Algenol Biotech LLC, US

Energy & Resilience: Waste & Water

Handheld Spectrometer for Sample Triage
Alexander Scheeline, SpectroClick Inc., US

Innovative zero-valent iron-based nano materials for water treatment and site restoration
Erick R. Bandala, Jaeyun Moon, Desert Research Institute, US

Research at the National Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management
A. Charles Rowney, Lina Sela, Kasey M. Faust and Ben R. Hodges, University of Texas at Austin, US

Flocculation and absorption agents for waste water treatment and heavy metal decontamination.
A.Vertegel and V.Reukov, VRM labs, Inc., US

Medical & Biotech: Advanced Material Platforms

Supercharging Macrophages for the Treatment or Prevention of Shock Following Major Trauma.
G. R. Rosania, University of Michigan, US

Multiplexed Detection of Early Organ Injury Biomarkers in Human Serum Using NanoSPRi-Based Assay
D. Patel, J. M. Obliosca, G. Zhang and Z. Zhou, Luna Innovations Incorporated, US

Medical & Biotech: CBRN (Chem/Bio/Rad/Nuclear)

Personalized Neurorehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Insury: Better Treatment Outcomes by Semantic Data Integration
Markus Butz-Ostendorf, Jonathan Sheridan, Biomax Informatics AG, DE

Destruction of chemical and biological weapons through high efficiency photoelectrochemical oxidation (PECO) air purification process
P. D. Myers and D. Y. Goswami, Molekule, Inc., US

Medical & Biotech: Emergency/Disaster Relief Medicine

Emergency Medical Situation Locator
Bryan White, US Navy, US

Thermo-plasmonic preconcentration of bacteria from blood samples for rapid point-of-care analysis
Hao Wang, Robert Brozozowski, Prahathees Eswara, Anna Pyayt, University of South Florida, US

Medical & Biotech: Regenerative Medicine

GreenBone: The strongest bone fully regenerative material ever
L. Pradella, GreenBone ortho Srl, IT

3D Bioprinting of a Novel Marine Collagen for Use in Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine
Bhanu Manickavasagam, Kevin Tetsworth, Bio Consultancy Pty Ltd, AU


Reliable One-pass Success Microelectronics
M. Sika and G. M. Lucas, Lucid Circuit, Inc., US

Anti-Fouling and Oxidation Resistance of Silicon-Based CVD Coating Technology
Luke Patterson, SilcoTek Corporation, US

Long-term, personalized learning across training products from many providers
J. Folsom-Kovarik, Soar Technology, Inc., US



WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2:30 - 3:15 P.M.

Advanced Materials: Advanced Manufacturing

Digital Thread for Additive Manufacturing (DTAM)
Mark Vitale, Joe Schibi, Deloitte Consulting LLP, US

UniMelt Process for the Manufacturing of Materials with Tailored Specifications
G. Wrobel, M. Redjdal, K. Hadidi, E. Petersen, Amastan Technologies, US

3D Printing of Composites using Magnetically Aligned Fibers
Josh Martin, Randall Erb, 3DFortify, US

Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
John Porter, KCNSC, US

Production of Peroxide Curing Agent Using Microfluidics
Sabrina Torres, KCNSC, US

AM Powder and Solid Composition Analysis Over Time
Tammy Pond, KCNSC, US

Advanced Materials: Bioderived & Bioinspired Materials

Mechanical properties of bamboo from Atoms to Culms
Nima Rahbar, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US

Advanced Materials: Electronic & Photonic Materials

Harnessing Electron Spin for Room Temperature Quiantum Information Technology
B. Nafradi, M. Choucair, L. Forro, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH

Advanced Materials: Structural & Multifunctional Materials

Lightweight, High Performance Materials for Modern Military Needs
Jennifer Lynch-Branzoi, Thomas Nosker, Rutgers University, US

Mechanics of Bioinspired Lamellar Structured Ceramic/Polymer Composites
Nima Rahbar, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US

Light Responsive Porous Materials for Biological Threat Mitigation
Randy W. Larsen, Lukasz Wojtas, University of South Florida, US

Cyber & Software: Communications

A review of using SaaS to provide secure government and industry collaboration and business case management
Eric J. Van Hoose, Van Hoose Associates, Inc., US

Adaptive Cyber-secure Cross-layer Communications Classification System
Timothy Woods, John Hrabik Jr., ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC, US

Cyber & Software: Data Protection

A Vision for Human-Centered Cybersecurity
M. Wright, Rochester Institute of Technology, US

Cyber & Software: Threat Assessment

System Call-Based Behavioral Detection of Malware on Routers
Alex Duff, Ni An, Gaurav Naik, Steven Weber, Spiros Mancoridis, Drexel Issac L. Auerbach Cybersecurity Institute, US

Defense Systems: Autonomous Systems

Swarm Sats that identify and track hazardous and lethal material from CBRN events and other catastrophes
Arnold Kravitz, INNOVIM Defense Services, US

Defense Systems: Communication Systems

High Bandwidth Communication on the Move (COTM)
Tom Boyer, Kymeta Government Solutions, US

Augmented Reality - Assisted Assembly and Remote Collaboration
Josh Burns, KCNSC, US

Defense Systems: Robotics

Modifying Amazon’s Alexa ASR Grammar and Lexicon – A Case Study
Hassan Alam, BCL Technologies, US

Defense Systems: Security Systems

Preventative Threat Analysis and Detection with Video Aggregation, Analuysis and threat Mitigation
Gary Olson, GTOP Group inc., US

Defense Systems: Sensor Systems

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers and their applications in defense and sensing
B. Cromey, K. Kieu, The University of Arizona, US

Personal/Handheld/Micro Airborne Threat Detection
Tami Fitzpatrick and Edward Shaver, Entropy Technology Design, Inc., US

A high dynamic range handheld LIBS spectrometer and its applications
Katherine Bakeev, Qun Li, Dan Liu, Jing Li, and Sean Wang, B&W Tek, US

Defense Systems: Software Systems

Cresco Framework: Edge Computing in Defense Management
V. Bumgardner, C. Hickey, B. Watkins, University of Kentucky, US

Operation Upshot: Innovative Use of Interoperability Demonstrations to Help Solve Warfighter Problems
Susan Kapr, Booz Allen Hamilton, US

Defense Systems: UAVs

Low-cost, Efficient, Reliable Aerial Propulsion
Doug Britton, North American Wave Engine Corp, US

Energy & Resilience: Buildings & Bases

QWiC Power Transfer: Quasi-Wireless Capacitive Transmission and Its Applications
Charles W. Van Neste, Tennessee Technological University, US

Energy & Resilience: Efficiency Solutions

Surface Groundsource Geothermal Heat Exchange for Domestic Hot Water Generation at FOBs
John Rutherford, Modula S Inc, US

Using Advanced Analytics to Evaluate Fleet Energy Consumption
Karl Hunder, Frontier Technology, Inc., US

Application of Phase Change Material to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency
Kyle D. Rose Sr. and Mohan Aggarwal, Alabama A&M University, US

Airborne EML Armament System
Ernesto Gonzaga, LEV Engineering Science, US

Energy & Resilience: Energy Storage

High Voltage Cathode Materials for Military Applications
Bin Li, Ana Kiricova, Wildcat Discovery Technologies, US

Fabric Supercapacitor for Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage
Jonathan Chen, Weihua Luo, and Xinxin Li, The University of Texas at Austin, US

Cyber Security Issue and Solution for Energy Storage System
Sagnika Ghosh and Mohd Hasan Ali, University of Memphis, US

Solid State Supercapacitors with High Energy Density and Low Leakage
R. L. Fink and Curtis W. Hill, Applied Nanotech Inc., US

Energy & Resilience: Grid Solutions

Minimization of Adverse Effects of Communication Delays Caused by Cyber-Attacks on Smart Power Grid
Sagnika Ghosh and Mohd Hasan Ali, University of Memphis, US

Real decentralized power with intelligent and scalable local hubs
Frank A. Reusch, innogy SE, DE

Energy & Resilience: Power Generation

Nanoscale Energy Harvesting - Nano-Boxx: Energy Production from Chips to MW
Joseph Birmingham, Birmingham Technologies Inc., US

Wave Energy Converter
Cuong Nguyen, Liem Nguyen, Twin Ocean Power, LLC., US

Development of High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle Rotary 'X' Engine
Alexander Shkolnik, LiquidPiston, Inc., US

Energy & Resilience: Soldier Technologies

The iPOWER Energy-Focused Soldier Mission Planning App
Richard O. Stroman, US Naval Research Laboratory, US

Energy & Resilience: Transportation

A New Alloy for Nextgen Lightweight Armor
Song Cai, Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp., US

Synthetic nanosheet coatings for system components requiring gear oil
V. Borisov and P. Rudenko, TriboTEX, US

Automated Mobility Districts and Net-Zero Energy Campuses: A Convergence of Resource-Efficient and Resilient Systems
Stan Young, Venu Garikapati, Josh Sperling,Yi Hou, Andy Duvall, NREL, US

Energy & Resilience: Waste & Water

Flame Refluxing: An Environment-friendly Alternative to Waste Incineration by Open Pit Burning
Kemal S. Arsava, Shijin P. Kozhumal, Ali S. Rangwala, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US

Flame Refluxing: An Environment-friendly Alternative to Waste Incineration by Open Pit Burning
Trevor Jason Borth, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US

Medical & Biotech: Advanced Material Platforms

Novel Repellent Coatings for Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Icing applications
A. Haghdoost, Maxterial, Inc, US

A Spray-On/Spray-Off Bandage for Burn Wounds: Easy Application and Pain Free Removal
A. Colby, Dendricare LLC, US

Medical & Biotech: CBRN (Chem/Bio/Rad/Nuclear)

Use of Human Neurons as Model Systems for Neurotoxin Countermeasures and Prophylaxes
M. Hendrickson, Z-.W. Du, BrainXell, Inc., US

Medical & Biotech: Concussive Injuries

Multifunctional Antioxidants are Neuroprotective against Hearing Loss and Retinal Degeneration
P.F. Kador, R. Salvi, S. Fliesler, M. Pardue, Therapeutic Vision, Inc., US

Medical & Biotech: Emergency/Disaster Relief Medicine

Diagnostic Platform for Current Health Status Monitoring
Albert Benight, Portland State University, US

Medical & Biotech: Infectious Disease

Innovative standalone In-Situ Nano Biochip for Instantaneous Disease Diagnostics
Bharath Babu Nunna & Eon Soo Lee, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US

Temperature responsive antimicrobial gel with prolonged antimicrobial release
C. De Silva, J. T. Koberstein, S. Modak, Columbia University, US

Microbial Control and Microbiome Engineering Using Polyvalent Bacteriophages
J. Mathieu, P. Yu, and P. Alvarez, Rice University, US

Replacing bacterial culture with a microchip - - next generation of rapid diagnostics
M.Weber, H.Markewich, D.Viazanko, MO'Connor, J. Mevorach, Fluid-Screen, Inc., US

Copper Nickel Alloy Surfaces for Infection Control
John Rutherford, Kon John, Modula S Inc, US

Prevention and treatment of MRSA and polymicrobial wound infections using a topical Qurom Sensing inhibitor
N.H. Oberlies, P.R. Hall, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US

Medical & Biotech: Regenerative Medicine

NanoM-Mediated Sustained Release Regimen of Loteprednol Etabonate for Effective and Safe Treatment of Corneal Injuries in the Battlefield
Shikha P. Barman, Laura Kaminski, Koushik Barman, Kevin Ward, NanoM Therapeutics, US

Multifunctional inorganic material for rapid tissue regeneration
W. Lepry, S. Naseri, and S. Nazhat, McGill University, CA

Thawing for Cryopreserved Tissues
Girish Srinivas, TDA Research Inc, US

Medical & Biotech: Rehabilitation

Virtual TaiChi System, an Innovative Rehabilitation Modality
Yu Liang, Zibin Guo, Dalei Wu, Nancy Fell, Amanda Clark, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, US

Medical & Biotech: Surgical Solutions

Rapid Cross-link and Regeneration: Reduced or scarless wound healing
N. McLain, University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss), US



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