Defense TechConnect

SEPTEMBER 26-29, 2022


AI, Big Data, Analytics

Secure Enterprise Collaboration and User Reporting Environment (SECURE) – One Stop Shop for Security
F. Harlow, J. McIntire, E. May, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, US

DoD Recon Needs the “Closed-form Method for Atmospheric Correction” (CMAC)
D. Groeneveld, G. Archamboult, F. Kann, Advanced Remote Sensing, Inc., US

Unbiased Analysis of Digital Data
R. Sepulveda, C. St. George, and R.A. Rogers, White Anvil Innovations, LLC, US

GURU: Mission-Critical in Minutes Not Hours
B. Aylaian, MSBAI, US

Analytics for Environmental Management Using the Vegetative Analysis Software Toolkit (VAST), a Codeless Artificial Intelligence (AI) Search Engine for the Physical World
S. Vaiyapuri, Robotic Services, Inc., US


Critical Infrastructure

Learning from Electrical Power Waveforms: A Case Study in Critical Infrastructure Protection
D.R. Reising, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, US


Cyber Solutions & Resilience

Manufacturing Machine Electrical Waveform Fault & Cyberattack Detection System
J. Hill, J. Ye, W. Song, L. Lu, Aging Aircraft Solutions & University of Georgia Center for Cyberphysical Systems, US

Cybersecure 5G Enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Station
M.H. Ali and M. Basnet, University of Memphis, US

Secure Smart Bases and Installations of the Future - Zero Trust in a Box
M. Meins, G. Gulyas, Onclave Networks, Inc., US


Energy, Efficiency, Grid

Magnetically Actuated Leakproof Valves
N. Davis, Maui Innovation Group, US

Operating Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System as Supercapacitor Energy Storage
N. Farrar and M.H. Ali, University of Memphis, US


Logistics & Supply Chain

NetZero Relocatable Buildings Cost Less & Lighter Than Tents
J. Rutherford, Modula S Inc, US


Medical, Health & Biotech

Innovative Technologies for Reducing the Spread of Contagious Diseases
J.P. McIntire, F. Harlow, E. May, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, US

Electrostatic Modulation of Signaling at the Cell Membrane: Electric Control of ERK Dynamics
Q. Qing, Arizona State University, US

Scalable nanopore chip with self-aligned transverse tunneling junction for biomolecule detection
Q. Qing, Arizona State University, US


Mobility & Transportation

Leveraging HPC to Simulate Off-Road Mobility and Multi-Agent Autonomy
S. Benatti, D. Negrut, University of Wisconsin Madison, US


Nanotech & Advanced Materials

An innovative annealing process for high performance GaN-on-Si high electron mobility transistors
Y. Zeng, University of Delaware, US

Atomic and Molecular Investigation of Corrosion for Prevention and Control
J. Keene and K. Bucholtz, Mercer University, US

In-Situ Micro-Mechanical System for Testing of Advanced Materials under Extreme Conditions of Temperature, Strain-Rate and Applied Stress
S. Pathak, S. Supakul, Iowa State University, US

NanoScaffold–Enhanced Composites for Next Generation Light Aircrafts
H. Dalir, Multiscale Integrated Technology Solutions LLC, US


Sensors & Systems

Next Generation Chemical Agent Detection Architecture
M. Moorman, Sandia National Laboratories, US

Laser Based Acoustic Emissions for In Situ Damage Detection
N. McNees, B. Wisner, Ohio University, US

High Precision Piezoelectric Resonators for Harsh Environment Sensor and Oscillator Applications
K. Bhattacharjee, Kampanics, L.L.C., US


Simulation, Training & Readiness

Next Generation Adjudication for Force-On-Force Training
A. McCormick, A. Pickett, Horus Vision, US


UAVs/Drones & Robotics

Orion AIM CONTROL Deep Neural Network Auto-Tune (DNNA)
S. Spiller, Y. Zweiri, Orion Technology Group, LLC, US

Learning Tasks and Missions from Natural Language Instructions in One Shot
M. Scheutz, Thinking Robots, Inc., US

sUAS Resupply
D. Campbell, DropDrone, US

Large multilegged robot capable of carrying heavy payloads
B. Riskas, RMD LLC, US


VR, AR, MR & 360

Real Time 3D Digital Model Viewer for Mobile Devices
T. Reks, C. St. George, R. Sepulveda, and R.A. Rogers, Rogers Imaging Corp, US



Resource Recovery and PFAS Destruction Using Supercritical Water Oxidation
M. Deshusses, D. Hatler, K. Nagar, 374Water Systems, Inc., US

Enabling Enhanced Biofilm Imaging for Department of Defense-Related Research at Montana State University and the Northwestern United States
M. Fields, Montana State University & Center for Biofilm Engineering, US

Iridescent Materials Utilizing Structural Color from Reflective Microstructures
C. Meredith, L. Zarzar, Penn State University, US

Scalable Interoperability: New Horizons in MBSE Through Adaptive Infrastructure Tooling
S. Hand and C. Allport, Skayl, LLC, US


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