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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2:15 - 3:00 P.M.

Advanced Materials

Ultra-Dissipative Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers for Head Protection
P.E. Jenkins, A.H. Torbati, C.M. Yakacki, University of Colorado Denver, US

Application of Chemical Mechanical Polishing for Synergistic Surface Nano-structuring and Interface Control
G. Bahar Basim, University of Florida, US

Transcending Material Structure and Chemical Uncertainty through Advanced Data Handling and Modeling
J. Aguiar, M. Gong, T. Tasdizen, Idaho National Laboratory, US

Cyber, AI, Big Data

AI Applications in Audio Source Separation and Noise Removal
A. Swantner, G. Vance, The Audio Project, US

Using Ai, Automation, Augmentation and Machine learning to Accelerate Research
G. Milstein, J. Frank, Diffeo, US

Big Datacube Analytics with rasdaman: Flexible, Scalable, Secure
P. Baumann, Rasdaman GmbH, DE

Maximum Performance Computing
Q. Jacobson, O. Mencer and B. Weinstein, Maxeler Technologies, US

Variable Autonomy for Remote Robotic Systems
T.Boyer, BluHaptics (dba Olis), US

Cyber IoT Endpoint Asset Provision, Management & Monitoring
M. Gundling, TerraGo Technologies, US

Artificial Intelligence System That Benchmarks Innovation Strategy Against A Roadmap of Future Technology
M. Price, Vector Analytics, US

Drones & Robots

Long Range Tracking and Telemetry Solution for UAS
M. Faherty, K. Sannner, T-Rex Tracking Corp, US

Persistent ISR via a fleet of Solar powered unmanned aircraft
Y. Zhuang, Zenith Aerospace, US

A Robotic System for Field Navigation and Data Collection using Human Interaction
B. Chandrasekaran, S.Pietrzik, Florida Polytechnic University, US

Electronics, Sensors, Coms

Unique Proprietary Data Field Technology for Realtime Severe Weather and Threat Detection
E.F. Shaver, Entropy Technology Design, Inc., US

Remote Stable Isotopic Analysis using Laser-induced breakdown UV spectroscopy and Reflective Spatial Homodyne Spectroscopy (SHS)
F. Vasefi, SafetySpect Inc., US

Multi-Laser Line Raman Spectroscopy for Detection of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants using a Reflective Spatial Homodyne Spectrometer (SHS)
F. Vasefi, D.L. Farkas, R.A. Norton, S. Hosseini, SafetySpect Inc., US

Tissue optics, Oxygen, hyperspectral imaging, multimode, burn
F. Vasefi, D.L. Farkas, Biomedical Optical Imaging Corporation, US

RelChip, The Industry Leader in High Reliability/Performance, Micro's
K.G. Riley, RelChip, Inc., US

City Sound by DimOnOff
DimOnOff, DimOnOff, CA

An Automatic Video Enhancement Solution for Video Capture Systems
S. Abidi, Phelps2020, US

Surface wave-based broadband RF communication through seawater and conductive enclosures
I. I. Smolyaninov, Q. Balzano, D. Young, Saltenna LLC, US

Energy, Efficiency, Resilience

Fort Belvoir deploys Base of the Future
C. Evanich, S&C Electric Company, US

Microgrid Operation with 100% Renewables
A. Mehrizi-Sani, Washington State University, US

Digitally Transforming Grid Cyberphysical Security Resilience
L. McKnight, Syracuse University, US

Energy Assurance for Solar Technologies: The Role of the US DOE Regional Test Center Program
L. Burnham, Sandia National Laboratories, US

Batt Mag – Low-Cost and Man-Portable Light-Weight Power Management for the Dismounted Soldier
B. Burns and T. Ford, Adventure Lights Inc., CA

Medical & Biotech

NuCress™ bone filler scaffold – a superior, customizable bone regeneration device for major traumatic injuries
S. Trigwell, S. Ballard, A.S. Biris, and D.E. Anderson, NuShores Biosciences LLC, US

Bioinspired Synthetic Nanoparticles as Universal Antivenom
Y. Xu, Luna Innovations Inc, US

Nanofiber-Based Fentanyl Bandages for Localized Treatment of Burn Pain
M. Patterson, B. Brooks, M. Skoff, J. Mao, Z. You, C. Tison, Luna Innovations, Inc., US

Nanofiber-Reinforced Hydrogels for the Stabilization of Open Globe Injuries
L. Costella, B. Brooks, K. Broderick, M. Gasbarre, L. Woodard, A. Eiseman, X. Wang, C.Tison, Luna Innovations, Inc., US

Repurposing Ethoxzolamide as a New Tuberculosis Therapeutic
F. Urban, Spartan Innovations, US

Evaluation of nucleic acid isothermal amplification methods for human clinical microbial infection detection
F. Urban, Spartan Innovations, US

Mechanochemical Processing of Thermoplastic Nanocomposites for Regenerative Orthopedic Surgery
J. Connell, OrthoMend Research Inc, US

Soy Protein Derived Wound Dressings
J. Connell, NeuEsse Inc., US

Graphene-Alginate Microfibers for the Encapsulation of PC12 Cells
M. McNamara and N.N. Hashemi, Iowa State University, US

Conversion of Laser Light Energy into Heat with Gold Nanoparticles
K. Jiang and A.O. Pinchuk, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, US

Mobility & Transportation

Modular Multi-Use Electric Transport Platform
A. Rozenbaum, D. Stewart, Road Surfer, US

Modeling, Simulation & Training

Cyber Effects for the Multi-Domain Battle Warfighter
K. Hofstra, Metova CyberCENTS, US

Intuitive on-board incident response training evaluation system
J.H. Kang, Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering, KR


Obtaining and Characterization of TiN by Reactive Mill in Air
J. Orea Lara, O.J. Zapata Nava, A.E. Orea Lara, C. F. de Anda Orea, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, MX

Space Technologies

Disc Turbine Engine
M. Rez, Rez Co, US

Cube-Satellite Based Ship and Aircraft Tracking Improves Situational Awareness
M. Carhart, Spire Global, Inc., US



WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 4:00 - 5:00 P.M.

Advanced Manufacturing

Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing
S. Mukhopadhyay, Obsidian, US

Advanced Materials

Novel Microfabrication Methods for Creation of Stacked Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for Soft Robotics
M. Corbaci, K. Lamkin-Kennard, Rochester Institute of Technology, US

Advanced Crystals for Terahertz Wave Generation
J.A. Johnson, D.J. Michaelis, Terahertz Innovations, LLC / Brigham Young University, US

Self-Cleaning Coatings
F. Urban, Spartan Innovations, US

Carbon-Nanotube Microelectrodes for Neuroscience Applications
N.T. Alvarez, E. Bushbeck, A. Ford, I. Vilinsky, V. Shanov, A. Stowasser, University of Cincinnati, US

Cyber, AI, Big Data

Edge framework for resource-aware distributed applications
V. Bumgardner, C. Hickey, B. Watkins, N. Seyedtalebi, University of Kentucky, US

iBC: Energy-Efficient Lightweight Private Mutable Blockchain for IoT
S.P. Mohanty, University of North Texas, US

s-EDC: Smart Edge Datacenters for Rapid Response
S.P. Mohanty, University of North Texas, US

Environmental Genome - Role in Investigating Cyber Theft and Weapons of Mass Destruction
M. Overcash, E. Griffing, Environmental Genome Initiative, US

Artificial Intelligence System That Assigns a Technology Readiness Score or a Commercial Readiness Score to Military Systems and Commercial Technologies
M. Price, Vector Analytics, US

Automated text mining of large amounts of text documents for security and intelligence analysis
N. Peladeau, Provalis Research, CA

Improving Cyber Resilience with a Dwell Time Based Strategy
A. Sood, George Mason University and SCIT Labs, US

secureSYS: The New Era of Hardware Cyber Defense
B. Land, AVANT Solutions Group dba AVANT Secure PC, US

Electronics, Sensors, Coms

Adaptive Network Optimization for High-Probability Data Delivery
A. Hung, R. Kunc, D. Wang, Mimyr LLC, US

Development of Ultra-high-speed Infrared Photodetectors for LIDAR
J. Gao, Clemson University, US

Lightweight Command, Control, and Communication for Heterogenous Agent Swarms
M. Borowczak, R. Cooley, S. Wolf, University of Wyoming, US

Automatic Licence Plate Recognition
R. Gagne, DimOnOff, CA

Toward Long-Range Adaptive Communication via Information Centric Networking
Y. Liu and A. Dowling, Clarkson University, US

Combining Rapid Deployment Portable Cellular Base Stations with AI-driven Communications Bots for Disaster Recovery
K. Ringeisen, Consul Systems, US

Recent Advances in RF Interference Mitigation
B. Zeidler, Adaptive Dynamics, Inc., US

Energy, Efficiency, Resilience

Cooled Buswork for Shipboard Power Distribution and Energy Storage
T. Cognata, Paragon Space Development Corporation, US

A New Lense to Observe the Energy Landscape
S. Clauson, R. Foust, W. Dollar, Electrolyte LLC, US

Fast Mechanical Disconnect Switch for Medium Voltage Distribution Systems
T. Damle, C. Xu, L. Graber, J. Goldman, M. Bosworth, M. Steurer, Florida State University, US

Planning for the Future: The Nation's First Cyber-Secure Utility Microgrid at Ameren
C. Evanich, S&C Electric Company, US

Weather-Aware Resource Coordination for Resiliency of the Power System
A. Mehrizi-Sani, Washington State University, US

Ultra-Safe and Rapid Charge/Discharge Batteries with High Power Densities
J. Watkins, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US

In-situ Diamond-Like Carbon Surface Coatings for Industrial Gearboxes
V. Borisov, A. Martonick, and P. Rudenko, TriboTEX, US

Dynamic redistribution of variable load demand across three phase power
S. Karban, M. Erickson, Product Development Associates, US

Medical & Biotech

HEMOTAG: A non-invasive, easy-to-use, portable medical device for absolute, accurate and actionable monitoring fluid shifts in trauma patients
K. Kale, Aventusoft LLC, US

Discovery of Novel First-in-Class Small Molecules for the Treatment of Multidrug Resistant bacteria
T.H. Al-Tel, R. El‐Awady, V. Srinivasulu, F. Ibrahim Al‐Marzooq, University of Sharjah, AE

nPort™ Platform Technology for Liposomal Medicines
D. Zhu, Cureport Inc., US

A Portable System for Lower Limb Prosthesis Fitting and Balance Training in the Clinic
A.K. Thota, R. Jung, Florida International University, US

s-Track: An Intelligent Non-Invasive Stress Tracker for Internet-of-Medical Things
S.P. Mohanty, University of North Texas, US

Rapid Assessment of Correct Endotracheal Tube Position
D. Prough, The University of Texas Medical Branch, US

The Development of Liposomal Formulations with nPort Nanotechnology to Eliminate Life-Threatening Toxicities and Enhance Efficacy of Drugs
D. Zhu, Cureport, Inc., US

Mobility & Transportation

Flight Control through Vectored Thrust
R. Romeu, HEKA Aero LLC, US

Portable, High Power Electron Beam Accelerator
C. Cooper, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, US

Modeling, Simulation & Training

SPEAR® Speech Technology and Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Control, Dialogue, and Knowledge-Based Systems
C. Hoyt, Think-A-Move, US

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation basedTesting to Revolutionize the Power & Energy Systems R&D Cycle
M.Steurer, K. Schoder, M. Stanovich, J. Langston, Florida State University, US

TFET- An Emerging Electronic Device for Next Generation Quantum Computing
M. Ullah, Florida Polytechnic University, US

Illinois Rocstar — Supporting the Warfighter through Physics-Based Predictive Simulation
T. Grunloh, Illinois Rocstar LLC, US


Water supply network as the weapon.
W. Adamowski, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, PL

Space Technologies

Cube-Sats Hosted Payloads Rapidly Address Capability Gaps
M. Carhart, Spire Global, Inc., US

Cube Satellite Observations Enhance Weather Forecasts for Expeditionary Operations
M. Carhart, Spire Global, Inc., US


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