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Tuesday, November 28

AI, Big Data, Analytics

Fractal Programming - A 10x Improvement in Large System Design, Implementation & Deployment
M. Cation, Fractal, US

Robust Principles: Architectural Design Principles for Adversarially Robust CNNs
S-Y. Peng, W. Xu, C. Cornelius, M. Hull, K. Li, R. Duggal, M. Phute, J. Martin, D.H. Chau, Georgia Institute of Technology, US

LLM Self Defense: By Self Examination, LLMs Know They Are Being Tricked
M. Phute, A. Helbling, M. Hull, D.H. Chau, Georgia Institute of Technology, US

DiffPhysible: Automated Simulations of Adversarial Attacks on Arbitrary Objects in Realistic Scenes
M. Hull and D.H. Chau, Georgia Institute of Technology, US

Leveraging machine learning to collect less sensor data for lightweight analytics pipeline
A.Verma, The Pennsylvania State University, Lightscline, US

Hyperdimensional Intelligent Sensing and Information Processing
M. Imani, AI Sensation, US

Mitigating corrosion risk and enhancing asset integrity with predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring
L. Williams and V. Ram, OLI Systems, Inc., US

Big Data Is Weak Without a Root of Trust
T. Gannon, P. Lockley, J. Penney, Device Authority, UK

Energy Prediction for Intelligent and efficient Command and Control
A. Kotz, W. Northrop, S. Haag, Exergi Predictive, US

Scout Marine Navigation Data Service and Lookout Boat Sensor
L. Durbeck, P. Athanas, Phase II - Cell Matrix Corporation, US

Field casualty management AI
W.W. Pettine, M. Christenson, P. Koirala, Mountain Biometrics, US

The need for AI/ML text mining to identify negative narratives on social media for national security
A. Skumanich, Innov8ai Inc., US


Advanced Manufacturing

Precision Bonding of Materials Using Focused Ultrasound
C. Birkland, A. Swanson, and T. Matula, University of Washington Applied Physics Lab, US

Advanced manufacturing of nanomaterials for microelectronics , energy harvesting and storage
T. Valayil Varghese, INFlex labs. LLC, US

Low-cost high-purity crystalline graphite, isotropic graphite, and graphene sheets from low value petcoke and carbon waste
C. Chidiac, Cerebral Energy, LLC, US

Scalable Software Controlled Microassembly Printer
E. Chow, PARC, a part of SRI International, US

Additive Manufacturing Low Cost Carbon Fiber Composite Lattice Structures for Uncrewed Aircrafts


Advanced Networks & Wireless

Ai Backed- Genetic Algorithm Based Electronically Reconfigurable Antenna
V. Gjokaj, NuPhotonics LLC, US


C4ISR, Electronics & Comms

High speed semiconductor spatial light modulators
W. Zhou, Semergytech, Inc., US

Delivering Securely Connected, Updateable Systems
J. Pearson, Lynx Software Technologies, US

Protected Communications in Highly Contested Environments
K. Chen, Cubic Defense Applications, Inc. – Secure Communications Business Unit, US

SAUREN elevate the next-gen Data Resilience & Operation Efficiency
J. Song, Genesis Codes Inc, US

Locorum - A Global and Commercial C2/Situational Awareness Tool
E.M. DeVilliers, DeVilliers Technology Solutions LLC, US


Critical Infrastructure

Dual Use - The Internet of Things (IoT) + Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a More Sustainable World (Commercially Available)
K. Brannock & C. Brock, Vertical Solutions' Actionable IoT, US

Spark Modular Support System (Remote Base Infrastructure)
J. Bishop, G. Fernicola, Bishop Ascendant, Inc., US

Advances in Power and Speed of Optical Wireless Sources
J. Joseph and J. Lott, optiPulse Inc, US

The Phoenix: A micro waste to energy technology that is low carbon and more affordable than landfills
T. Webb, Y-L. Chan, Phoenix Waste Solutions, US


Cyber Solutions & Resilience

A Semi-Autonomous Patch Application to Secure UAV (and other) Firmware
D. Kovar, URSA Inc., US

Integration of Post Quantum Cryptography capabilities with Converged Network; TCP/IP Serial and Analog Security Monitoring for Industrial Control Environments
R. Robinson, Cynalytica Inc., US

Microelectronics security solutions for cyber-resilient Infrastructure and System-of-Systems (SoS)
A. Crouch, J. Doege, M. Schmitt, Amida Technology Solutions, Inc., US

Lynx Rapid Capability Enablers
W. Keegan, J.R. Pearson, Lynx Software Technologies, Inc., US

CMMC, A DoD Standard for a Resilient Cyber Supply Chain
A. Pabrai, ecfirst, Inc, US

Flip the Script. Impose Your Will on the Adversary.
S. Fogarty, T. Solie, T. Phillips, Phase II, US


Energy, Efficiency, Grid

Achieving Installation Energy Resilience Through a Strategic Approach to Designing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
T. Bannon, Leidos, Inc., US

Development of safety evaluation technology for integrated reformer for 20kW SOFC system
T.H. Lim, D.W. Jo, H.S. Kim, J.W. Hong, S.B. Lee, S.J. Park, R.H. Song, J.W. Shin, S. Shaheryar Ali Shamsi, KIER, KR

EsterCycle™: Closed-loop recycling of mixed polyesters for energy efficiency and circular materials
J.B. Curley, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US

Leveraging DASION's AI/ML, Anomaly Detection, and Robotic Technology for Rapid Solar Farm Construction in Extreme-Heat Environments
W. Gu, Dasion Corporation, US

New Hydrogen Storage and Pipeline Technologies
J. Liberkowski, VSens inc., US

Smart Outage Response & Recovery for Resilient Power Grids
K. Yeddala, N-Smart, US

Closed Loop Energy Ecosystem for for Secure Energy Storage and Delivery for Defense Enabled by High Energy Density Flow Batteries
J. Katsoudas, Influit Energy, US

Portable Production of High Quality Liquid Fuels including SAF from Low-Value Biomass in Advanced Basing Zones
R. Kozak, Atlantic Biomass, LLC, US

Revolutionizing Offshore Energy: A Novel Floating Platform for Airborne Power Generators
R. Creighton, Windlift, US

Clean and Resilient Energy: BlockEnergy's Solution for Civilian Homes and Military Operations
G. Oppedahl, BlockEnergy, US

Large-Area Transactive Cooling, Heating & Energy Storage (LATCHES)
S. Birch, H-C. Tsai, ThermoVerse, LLC, US


Logistics & Supply Chain

NetZero Relocatable Buildings Cost Less & Lighter Than Tents
J. Rutherford, Modula S Inc, US

Mobile manufacturing system for on demand and on-site replacement parts
J. Dutra, C. Martinovich, 55-Industries, US


Medical, Health & Biotech

A Novel Device for Rapid and Effective Manual Ventilation during Field Rescue and Surgical Pre-oxygenation
S. Wendelken, The Roux Institute, US

A Point of Care IVD Platform for In-Theater and En Route Warfighter Care
J. deSa, M. Neidrauer, Instadiagnostics, US

Breaking the Barrier: Advancing Tissue Healing and Reducing Adhesions Post-Surgery
T. Keane, TYBR Health, Inc., US

Anatomically and Conductively Accurate Animal Brain Phantoms for Neuromodulation Research
W. Lohr, Virginia Commonwealth University, US

Development of Filociclovir for Treatment of Pandemic Potential Emerging Adenoviral Respiratory Infections
T. Bowlin, R. Gauthier, I. Hussein, Microbiotix, Inc., US

Non-Invasive Screening of Pre-Diabetes & Tracking of Injury and PTSD
G. Gao and G. Travish, ViBo Health, US

Innovative RNAi Based Soybean Cyst Nematode Control
J. Li, T. Kahn, Innatrix Inc., US

Exploring Cryopreservation through DMPC Model Membrane Analysis using XFEL Diffraction and Broadband GHz-THz Spectroscopy
G-S. Park, Seoul National University, KR

The Transformation of Healthcare through HealthMetrics-AI
T. Cromwell, S. Augustine, C. Campbell, Cromtec Cyber Solutions, US

Non-Invasive Tool for Risk Assessment of Intracranial Aneurysms
I. Sahin, A.S. Favate, P. R. Garigapuram, S. Katore, New York University, US

HeatSYNCTM Gel: Mechanism of Action as Thermal Accelerant and Development of Drug-Eluting System for Anti-tumor Agents Post-Ablation
W.K.C. Park, Theromics, US

Next-Generation Vagus Nerve Stimulation for PTSD
S. Hays, M. Powers, M. Kilgard, M. Douglas, J. Wigginton, M. Foreman, R. Rennaker, University of Texas at Dallas, US

Rapid and High Sensitivity InstaStrip Technology for Detection of Emerging Drug Threats
P. Wang, X. Xia, M. Uddin, University of Pennsylvania, US

The crucial need for AI and text-mining for health-based social media to enhance wellbeing
A. Skumanich, Innov8ai Inc., US

A blood test to screen for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): We are closer than you might think
A.L. Naclerio, T. Cunningham, TruGenomix Health Inc, dba Polaris Genomics, US

Mimicking Gas Embolism on Vascularized Systems on a Chip
D. Nicolau, McGill University, CA

Breakthrough Aerosol Therapy For Combat Induced Respiratory Distress & Veterans Healthcare
D.B. Yeates, KAER Biotherapeutics Corporation, US

A novel oral immunotherapy for chronic visceral pain of irritable bowel syndrome
Z. Yang, Fzata, Inc., US

How Pulse-Power Plasma Solutions Achieve 100% Biological Air Contaminate Destruction
V. Washington, J. Canning, IDA Technology, US

Bring Your Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management into the Cybersecurity and Insider Threat Fight! Absolute Identity to Prevent or Reduce Risk of Compromise!!
D. Wieder, N. Goodall, R. Osborne, Phase II, US

Intelligent Needle Guidance System
P. Vemavarapu, XRMedix, US


Mobility & Transportation

Development of a Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle for Military Applications
J. Stanislowski, G. Block, Energy & Environmental Research Center, US

Robust Position and Navigation
K. Singh, Skyline Nav AI, Inc., US

More accurate position and navigation to reduce congestion
K. Singh, R. Nicholson, Skyline Nav AI, Inc., US


Nanotech & Advanced Materials

Glass Fiber Filter Paper Coated with Black Titania for High Sun Water Desalination
S.S. Hussain, O. Omelianovych, L.L. Larina, E-H. Park, H-S. Choi, Chungnam National University, KR

Memristive composites for neuromorphic computing
N. Frick, I. Trost, T. LaBean, Freescale LLC & NC State University, US

Powering the Frontlines: Holey Graphene's Revolution in Energy Storage & Mission Adaptability
C. Chidiac, Cerebral Energy, LLC, US

Truly Green Plastic: Solving the Plastics Problem with The Hemp Problem
T. Moharram, Moharram Ventures Inc., CA


Sensors & Systems

The Impact of Ocean Surface Waves and Breaking on the Atmospheric Surface Layer
D. Ortiz-Suslow, Naval Postgraduate School, US

Moving the Edge from Imaging to Vision
C. Rizk, FRIS Inc (dba Oculi), US

An Investigation into 2.5D Graphene Film Cathodes for Gigawatt-Level High-Power Microwaves (HPM)
G-S. Park, Seoul National University, KR

Radar-Transparent Radome Heater Film using Micro Metal Mesh for De-icing
M. Jo, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KR

Faster Time to Decision with Real-Time Sensor Data Visualization
T. Audronis, S. Lombardo, and D. Abramovitz, Tempest Droneworx, Inc., US

SiC CMOS Devices and Circuits for High-Temperature Electronics
Z. Dilli, A. Akturk, C. Darmody, N. Goldsman, T. Bianchi, CoolCAD Electronics, LLC, US


Space Technologies

Magnetic Gears to Increase Mission Capabilities of Air, Ground, and Space Vehicles
B. Praslicka, FluxWorks, US

High performance semiconductor lasers for small satellite communications
W. Zhou and M.Pan, Semergytech, Inc., US

ADR as a Service: Restoring Mobility Post Orbital Collision
J. Guzman, Space Cowboy ADR, US

AI goes to Space
R.J. Ward, and T. Hehn, OrbitsEdge, Inc., US


UAVs/Drones & Robotics

AIVOT: An Intelligent Autonomy Agent
S. Srivastav, Aivot Robotics, Inc, US


VR, AR, MR & 360

Tunable Photonics & Phase Change Materials Enable an Augmented Holographic World
M. Noonen, Swave Photonics, US


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