Obtaining and Characterization of TiN by Reactive Mill in Air

J. Orea Lara, O.J. Zapata Nava, A.E. Orea Lara, C. F. de Anda Orea
Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Keywords: Charaterization, SEM, XRD, microscopy, spex, mill, scanning

TiN powder was obtained by reaction milling of a titanium powder in air. The Ti powder was milled in a spex mill. Characterization of the powders was carried out by means of chemical analysis (AQ), X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The reaction took place in 12h in the spex mill. The milled power in a spex mill has a size average of particle of 5 nm. for the analysis carried out by SEM and TEM.