High Energy Density Liquid Rechargeable Battery Pods for Closed-Cycle Energy Storage Ecosystem

J.P. Katsoudas, E.V. Timofeeva, C.U.Segre, A.G. Duchak
Influit Energy, LLC, United States

Keywords: energy storage, nanofluid, flow battery, batteries for transportation, stationary storage, renewable energy

Influit Energy LLC is developing a novel approach for a rechargeable liquid energy storage format to address basing and warfighting capability needs. The proposed closed-cycle energy storage ecosystem is enabled by mobile flow battery pods that can be connected to, and accumulate energy from, either distributed or centralized intermittent sources of renewable energy. Once charged, the rechargeable liquid can be pumped or transported away from the pods to electric vehicles or other devices separated from the energy generation sites, while discharged liquids are returned to the pods for charging. Influit’s solution builds on novel rechargeable nanotechnology-based nanoelectrofuel (NEF) and flow battery designs. NEFs are low viscosity stable suspensions of nanoscale battery materials in water-based electrolytes, resulting in system designs competitive with Li-ion (~130 Wh/kg and 350 Wh/L) with operating temperature ranges from -40C to +80C.