Disc Turbine Engine

M. Rez
Rez Co, California, United States

Keywords: Disc, Turbine, Engine, Turbo

The Disc Turbine Engine includes a multi disc engine in which each disc engine includes a turbine blade, low-pressure compressor blade, a high-pressure compressor blade, and a bearing. The disc engine runs freely and individually, counter-rotating from each other and around a fixed shaft. There is no stator between the discs. Each disc engine has its own cooling system. A coolant, such as liquid hydrogen, is used to fill the hollow bodies of the high-pressure compressor, lower pressure compressor, and turbine blade as a closed and sealed system. Cooling the nozzle is by filling a coolant inside the hollow bodies of the nozzle and guide fan as a closed and sealed system. The operation temperature of the engine can go up to 4000 (F). The efficiency of the engine is very high. The air transfer from the low-pressure compressor section into a hollow exhaust nozzle then into a high-pressure compressor section through pipes will act as a heat regenerator. The size, weight, and cost of this engine will be 40% less than other engines at the same thrust output. The engine works as a turbojet, turbofan, or turbo shaft engine.