NuCress™ bone filler scaffold – a superior, customizable bone regeneration device for major traumatic injuries

S. Trigwell, S. Ballard, A.S. Biris, and D.E. Anderson
NuShores Biosciences LLC, Arkansas, United States

Keywords: bone regeneration, medical device, bone defects, extremity trauma, combat injuries

Current methods for regenerating bone tissue involve significant time, complex surgeries and, often, complications. Available bone fillers are poorly suited for surgical reconstruction—they cannot be easily adjusted to fit complex defects, and their flexibility, porosity, and strength cannot be modulated. This lack of adequate options adversely impacts wounded soldiers who often cannot endure multiple surgeries for bone harvest and lengthy treatments required, thus keeping them from returning to full function and active duty indefinitely. In response, the DoD funded the development of our NuCress™ bone filler scaffold—an implantable, biodegradable device that facilitates rapid bone regrowth. Surgeons can easily adjust the patented scaffold to the size and shape of an injury with scissors, making it ideal for complicated bone damage from combat injuries. Researchers have found that they can deliver antibiotics including multiple antibiotics simultaneously, and simultaneously deliver bone growth factors with antibiotics. Licensed to NuShores Biosciences LLC, the NuCress™ scaffold has been shown to speed bone healing by up to 50% with no infection, inflammation, or rejection. Our DoD-supported preliminary data also shows that loading drugs and growth factors on the scaffold can increase cellular proliferation and facilitate treatment of more complex bone injuries.