Advanced Engineered Liquid Coolants for Efficient and Economical Thermal Management

J.P. Katsoudas, E.V. Timofeeva, C.U.Segre, A.G. Duchak
Influit Energy, LLC, United States

Keywords: thermal management, heat transfer, nanofluid

Traditional liquid cooling technologies, such as engine and industrial coolants, are limited by the inherently poor thermal conductivity, which restricts their thermal performance in systems, especially high temperature heat transfer fluids, such as silicone, synthetic aromatic, and mineral oils. Influit Energy has developed a series of novel engineered liquid coolant (nanofluids) that enable up to 80% higher heat transfer rates for more efficient, and economical thermal management. We achieve this by incorporating small fractions of highly thermally conductive nanomaterials into conventional heat transfer fluids. Our proprietary TNF formulations combine the superior heat transfer properties of solids in a stable, low-viscosity liquid format, thus offering significant performance improvements over existing coolants. We have demonstrated a glycol-based coolant that shows more than 80% enhancement in thermal conductivity and only a small increase in viscosity (