Lumidize™: Environmentally Responsible Coatings for Improved Corrosion Resistance and Paint Adhesion

J. Watkins
LumiShield Technologies, United States

Keywords: Corrosion, phosophate, chrome-free, aluminum oxide, zero-HAP, zero-VOC, electroplating

LumiShield Technologies has created a revolutionary metal treatment platform based on non-toxic, environmentally responsible, aluminum oxide. The initial product, Lumidize™, is a pre-treatment for steel and aluminum surfaces to improve paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. Lumidize™ will replace the current use of phosphate, chromate, and zinc/nickel plating processes in a range of industries where non-hazardous coating solutions are a priority. Lumidize™ is a HAP-free, VOC-free technology based on electroplating, which can be manufactured using the exact same infrastructure as common zinc or nickel plating processes but with a far less toxic waste stream. The direct cost of Lumidize™ will be lower than a zinc plating with additional cost savings in wastewater treatment and workplace hazard mitigation. The Lumidize™ coating can be applied to mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The ability to coat both steel and aluminum surfaces will lead to the mitigation of galvanic corrosion and help facilitate the light-weighting of vehicles by allowing aluminum or magnesium alloy components compatibility with steel fasteners in a variety of vehicles including aircraft. Through surface modification after the Lumidize™ process, the surface can also be made to be super-hydrophobic, colored or compatible with a range of polymer top-coats.