The Impact of Ocean Surface Waves and Breaking on the Atmospheric Surface Layer

D. Ortiz-Suslow
Naval Postgraduate School, California, United States

Keywords: Air-Sea Interaction, Ocean Waves, Turbulence, Primary Aerosols

Here, I will present recent work aimed at garnering a more complete understanding of the role waves play in the lowest level of the marine atmosphere, where the majority of human and military activity occurs. The objectives of this research are to advance numerical weather and climate prediction, integral to Naval operations at all levels, and improve the performance characterization of the electromagnetic (EM) and electro-optical (EO) systems ubiquitous to the fleet. This is especially critical with the advent of near-surface autonomous systems who rely on active and passive sensors to navigate and execute their missions. Recent discoveries and developments will be highlighted from several on-going research projects centered on understanding the natural physics at the atmosphere-ocean boundary. This presentation will also include some discussion of future efforts and research priorities to advance our scientific understanding of this critical domain.