Unique Proprietary Data Field Technology for Realtime Severe Weather and Threat Detection

E.F. Shaver
Entropy Technology Design, Inc., Florida, United States

Keywords: Infrustructure Mapping, VLF Magneticfield Detection, UAV Detection, Mortar Fire Detection, Lightning Detection

Entropy Technology Design, Inc. Certified Woman-Owned & Operated (Florida Based) Entropy’s breakthrough NIMBUS technology provides a unique and untapped proprietary data field that delivers what is missing from most weather information today and creates new disruptive opportunities in the weather, drone, electronics and threat detection industries. The NIMBUS technology is built on 30 years of research and development resulting in a completely new, proprietary hardware and software platform designed for high-efficiency detection and analysis of VLF (Very Low Frequency) magnetic field signatures. NIMBUS proprietary sensor has the capability to detect and track thunderstorms at ranges exceeding 1000 kilometers with a battery-powered, hand-held product. No remote satellite or external sourcing equipment is necessary. A unique strength of the NIMBUS is the capture of not only signal strength, but full waveform polarity and 250 micro-seconds of waveform decay function. This proprietary full-signature capture creates the significant advantages for early-storm (pre-lightning) detection, and the early detection of conditions leading to the development of tornadoes. The capture of waveform polarity allows for full directionality in a single-point, hand-held unit.