Extremely Simple, Highly Portable Nitric Oxide (NO) Generator Devices for Treating Exposure to Biowarfare and Other Respiratory Infective Agents in Austere Environments

G. Martin, P. Rabinovich, M. Meyeroff
NOTA Laboratories LLC, United States

Keywords: nitric oxide (NO), iNO device, S-nitrosothiols (RSNO), anti-microbial, anti-viral

Nitric oxide (NO), a gas, is a natural broad spectrum antibiotic/antiviral in our bodies. Inhaled NO (iNO) is already used to treat pulmonary hypertension and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). NO also prevents biofilm formation, and enhances the efficacy of antibiotics against biofilm. Our low cost devices can deliver iNO in many situations, especially for soldiers exposed to microbial/viral biowarfare agents. The devices rely upon moisture activated controlled release of NO gas from specially formulated tablets containing S-nitrosothiol (RSNO), a stable form of NO when dry. Two devices are proposed; the first being a disposable face mask containing the RSNO tablets, when affixed to the patient with the moisture from exhaled air activating NO release. The second device has a small cannister of RSNO tablets and has a NO feedback loop to precisely control the NO dose. Pre-humidified air will be used to liberating NO. The outlet stream of NO is mixed with a second air/oxygen stream. The NO sensor measures the NO level of the gas mixture and adjusts the gas flows to deliver the desired NO level to the patient.