High Performance solar Panel Optimization

S. Liang, Z. He, and L. He
San Jose State University, California, United States

Poster stand number: T150

Keywords: Solar cell, solar panel optimization design and simulation

Today's solar panels' conversion efficiency and performance reach a plateau. The majority of solar panels on the market have a conversion rate of around 33%, with the existing solar panels absorbing a wide range of solar energy. Even if the ozone layer attenuates the solar energy reaching the solar panel, it cannot convert all the remaining energy into electricity because there are still various electrical losses. In the process of optimizing solar panels, one solution is to start with the essential materials and look for materials that are more efficient in construction and can reduce costs. Another way is to increase the conversion rate by designing an intelligent tracking system to track the maximum light value at each time point. This work shows the results of Matlab simulation to optimize the performance of solar panels.