Cyber Effects for the Multi-Domain Battle Warfighter

K. Hofstra
Metova CyberCENTS, Illinois, United States

Keywords: Cyber, Simulation, Multi-domain, Training, Environment

Metova CyberCENTS provides advanced persistent cyber training environments for multi-domain battle that integrate with kinetic and synthetic warfighter training systems. We do this through the integration of a high-fidelity emulated, realistic and risk-free cyber environment for training, TTP development, experimentation and exercising. Our simulated cyber environments are capable of recreating the dynamic network protocols and events necessary to accurately reflect the indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with the advanced persistent threats (APTs) representing the evolving adversary that our cyber warriors face. We combine this with a software broker that is able to integrate our high-fidelity cyber domain with Live, Synthetic and Virtual warfighting domains, such as Army OneSAF or JLCCTC, or hardware-in-the-loop to allow interconnection with communication systems and weapons platforms.