Isotopic Blockchain: stable isotope measurements and Blockchain to trace the origins of food in the global supply chain

F. Vasefi
SafetySpect Inc., United States

Keywords: stable isotope, traceability, Blockchain

Isotopic analysis is a useful tool for identifying and characterizing detection accuracy of main elemental constituents (H, C, N, etc.) of bio‚Äźorganic materials which have different stable isotopes. Existing instrumentation capable of measuring isotope ratios to high precision and accuracy is expensive, bulky, and requires time-consuming sample preparation. Ideal replacements would not only allow rapid measurements but would be compact and portable for field work. We propose a novel laser-induced breakdown reflective spatial heterodyne spectroscopy (LIB-rSHS) that achieves the ultra-spectral resolution needed for isotope ratio determinations in a small, lightweight, package. This approach has the advantage of strengths simple, fast sample preparation and analysis, able to work with samples at atmospheric pressure, and operation without consumable supplies while solving known LIBS problems that include poor spectral resolution, calibration problems due to matrix effects, and limited dynamic range. Using recent technology advancements in blockchain like proof of authority method we can incorporate isotopic analysis to the food supply chain. Combination of isotopic analysis and Blockchain platform will provide unique Trust Certificates capabilities throughout the supply chain