Tuning the Performance of Energetic Materials using Boron Analogs of Graphene as Catalytic Additives

H. Gunda
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar, India

Keywords: Energetic Materials, Boron, Catalysis, Micro/Nano-scale

Energetic materials are widely used for space exploration. Their performance can be improved by the addition of a small fraction of catalytic additives. Most of the catalytic additives in the literature are transition metal oxides and mixed metal oxides. In this work, we show that layered metal diborides of the form MB2 acts as an excellent catalytic additive and shows the state of the art catalytic activity. Our group has developed the science of delaminating the layered metal diborides to obtain boron analogs of graphene. We show that these boron analogs of graphene not only can enhance the performance but can tune the performance of the energetic materials according to the required application. This work adds an immense prospect to the field of energetic materials. This also enhances the knowledge on the science of layered metal diborides showing their untapped potential as a catalytic additive in tuning the performance of energetic materials.