Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

S. Mukhopadhyay
Obsidian, New Jersey, United States

Keywords: Industrial 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials

Obsidian has an additive manufacturing (AM) technology that can fabricate products made from multiple materials—ceramics, metals and polymers—as a single integrated process. Our process can deliver final-use products with minimal or no post-processing. Customers using our technology can also lower their cost of ownership significantly since we use stock inputs—rods and wires—and avoid using costly metallic powders, specialized binders, or other additives. Since our ceramic fabrication avoids binders and does not use sintering, our process avoids uncontrolled shrinkage. Obsidian can also directly fabricate small electronic components without any liquid based inks. We can also make larger components, which makes our technology unique in AM. Since there are no commercially available machines using off-the-shelf inputs to additively manufacture both metals and ceramics, Obsidian is poised to transform applications requiring a combination of multiple materials applications, form, fit and function . These applications include embedded structures in harsh and mission critical environments, e.g. sensors, flexible electronics etc. We can also fabricate larger structures with hybrid materials using polymers, metal and ceramics which may include completely printing a ‘cube-sat’.