Accurate and quick AI-diagnostic for periodontitis and systemic diseases

F. Paillier
CircaGene, United Kingdom

Poster stand number: T114

Keywords: oral health, microbiome, Artificial intelligence, diagnostic, dental diseases

The loss of productivity due to periodontal-diseases has an impact on Western economies, such as the US/UK. In 2018 Periodontal-diseases caused a €149B loss in Europe and €122B in the USA. The overall costs (direct and indirect) amount to 0.75% of GDP in Europe and 0.60% in the USA(Botelho,2021). Periodontal-diseases are the 4th most prevalent in the world with significantly higher incidence among 30+ year olds(WHO, 2020). 70% of adults 65+ years have periodontal diseases(CDC,2021). Periodontitis is irreversible, difficult to treat disease with serious implication for an overall human health. Currently dentists have no diagnostics to predict early-onset of periodontal diseases and treat it when it’s still reversible. CircaGene collaborates with University College London to develop diagnostic-software that allows quick and accurate detection of periodontal-diseases using human saliva. Saliva carries an abundance of information that can be used as an effective and non-invasive instrument to determine oral-health and general-health status. The composition of human saliva changes with the individual's oral-health status and, therefore, can be used to detect dental and systemic diseases at very early stages (pre-disease onset).