HEMOTAG: A non-invasive, easy-to-use, portable medical device for absolute, accurate and actionable monitoring fluid shifts in trauma patients

K. Kale
Aventusoft LLC, Florida, United States

Keywords: Hemorrhage detection, Hemodynamic monitoring,Non-invasive, Volume fluid shifts

HEMOTAG is a novel non-invasive system that automates the detection and monitoring of hemorrhage using cardiac ECG & acoustic signals providing same measurements available from echocardiography. HEMOTAG can be operated with minimal training, whereas both the ECG and echocardiogram require trained and certified operators. Also, HEMOTAG provides a direct measurement without subjective interpretation of data (as in an ultrasound image). The HEMOTAG measurements are computed algorithmically making the results repeatable and consistent, and the device can be used anywhere, anytime and by anyone. With results available on-line in minutes, the physician gets on-the-spot indication of the patient’s fluid status without waiting for time- and resource-consuming tests. We conducted pilot data collection with two porcine hemorrhagic models with 60% blood loss in steps of 20% fluid loss, followed by 1ltr IV fluid transfusion. The pilot demonstrated: 1) HEMOTAG successfully estimated pulmonary artery pressures during blood loss within 3.5 mmHg in one study and within 2.1 mmHg in the second study when compared to the measurement from the right heart catheter. 2) HEMOTAG had a resolution of detecting on average 6% change in fluid status during the different stages of blood loss up until 40% blood loss, similar to the catheter.