Breaking the Barrier: Advancing Tissue Healing and Reducing Adhesions Post-Surgery

T. Keane
TYBR Health, Inc., Texas, United States

Keywords: hydrogel, regenerative medicine, tissue healing, post-operative adhesions, patient recovery

Inadequate tissue healing post-trauma or surgery, manifesting as scarring and adhesions, is a substantial global concern, affecting millions, leading to prolonged hospital stays, increased healthcare costs, and significant amounts of missed work. TYBR-GEL, a novel natural hydrogel, is innovatively formulated to mitigate these widespread complications. It showcases potential for a variety of applications, from advanced wound healing to point-of-care injectables aimed at improving tendonopathies. It is capable of quickly establishing a protective barrier in under 30 seconds, making it suitable for both open and minimally invasive surgeries and trauma care. This hydrogel has demonstrated its efficacy in pre-clinical studies, reducing adhesions and scarring and enhancing range of motion without compromising tissue integrity. The versatility and broad applicability of TYBR-GEL represent a significant advancement, with the potential to improve healing processes and patient outcomes across diverse medical disciplines and care settings.