Adaptive Network Optimization for High-Probability Data Delivery

A. Hung, R. Kunc, D. Wang
Mimyr LLC, California, United States

Keywords: ISR, DTN, Networking, Data optimization

The goal of this research is to maximize the probability of a successful network transmission in a battlespace environment by combatting network disruptions and delays via adaptive networking. Two new methods were combined to accomplish this type of resiliency. Parallelization of network links via load balancing and channel multiplexing combined with store-and-forward methodologies increase both performance and reliability while being tolerant of delays caused situational, accidental, or malicious acts of disruption. This combination ensures that information is available to the warfighter with maximum probability, greatly increasing battlefield awareness regardless of conditions. The results of this research have direct benefits to military scenarios, but also have applications to civilian commercial use cases that include rural communications, disaster recovery, and support for IoT devices. Any situation where network links are degraded or periodically unavailable are ideal candidates for application of this research.