Digital Engineering a Lunar Rover Prototype using Innoslate's Digital Thread

S. Dam, M.Jones, M. Jordan, L. Stevie, A. Tapia
SPEC Innovations, Virginia, United States

Poster stand number: T140

Keywords: Digital Thread, Digital Engineering, Lunar Rover Prototype, Model-Based Systems Engineering, Data Driven

A lunar rover system architecture was designed to excavate icy regolith and extract water for creating a sustainable source of water on the surface of the Moon. This project utilized the data driven digital engineering and MBSE tool, Innoslate, to research and design, build, and test a lunar rover prototype. Requirements in Innoslate’s Documents View were written to define the rover system’s functionality. Action diagrams were created to model and simulate the lunar mission to determine how long the proposed lunar rover system will take to collect 10,000 kg of water on the lunar surface. Test cases in Innoslate’s Test Center recorded verification and validation tests and results conducted in the lab and in the field. Further analyses were also conducted using various integrations with other tools such as STK, MATLAB, and Ansys. This digital engineering project produced a fully functioning lunar rover prototype with sub-systems that drive and navigate the rover on the lunar surface, excavate icy regolith, store and protect collected materials such as water and regolith, and power the rover for at least 365 days.