Resilient Distribution Networks Considering Mobile Marine Microgrids: A Synergistic Network Approach

S. Senemmar, M.Dabbaghjamanesh, and J. Zhang
University of Texas at Dallas, Texas, United States

Keywords: Mobile marine microgrids, Navy ships, power grid resilience, network reliability, security configuration, uncertainty

Modern power grids have been undergoing a rapid increase in size and complexity due to the growth in demand and grid modernization. In addition, grid contingencies, natural disasters, and cyber/physical attacks are highly unpredictable and costly preventable which require fast and reliable energy resources for service restoration. In recent years, mobile generation units have gained lots of attention to enhance the power system resilience due to their technical and strategical benefits for the grid. Mobile marine microgrids (MMMGs) can quickly move and connect to local transmission/distribution lines. Navy ships are an exemplar of MMMGs because of their large power generation capacity. This work develops a resilient and secure configuration for coastal distribution grids by integrating the security constrained unit commitment (SCUC) and navy ships (as MMMGs). In the proposed configuration, MMMGs can be connected to the coastal distribution grids in both normal and post-disaster operations. The proposed problem seeks to minimize the total MMMGs and SCUC operation costs, while maximizing the distribution grid resilience. To show the effectiveness of the proposed configuration, the IEEE 69-bus distribution network has been selected and tested for both normal and post-disaster operations.