Scan your fingerprints with a phone

A. Vendhan
Identy Inc, Delaware, United States

Poster stand number: T115

Keywords: AI, biometrics, cybersecurity, touchless, mobile

Recording people’s fingerprints has involved them pressing their fingertips against a surface since I was a kid. The next stage of fingerprinting doesn’t involve touching anything at all. Our patented technology uses the mobile phone camera to capture people's fingerprints. Just hold your hand in front of the mobile phone camera and the software will identify the fingers and record all fingerprint data. This technology could be used by Army and civilians. Current methods of biometric data collection require heavy weight biometric equipments. The capacity and throughput of verification is gated by the budget allocated by the Government. The resulting long wait times and interaction time frame is not only a poor reflection of the Government, but also an opportunity for super-spreading of disease in the current environment. Mobile touchless biometrics solution addresses these interrelated issues to create a modern, scalable, high throughput, lower disease risk environment which ensures a positive experience for the citizen, and a controlled environment for the institution. Using the same mobile phone, the face biometrics could also be captured. Our solution is simple, safe and secure. We support both iOS and Android platform