Fractal Programming - A 10x Improvement in Large System Design, Implementation & Deployment

M. Cation
Fractal, Texas, United States

Keywords: distributed, web, data, security, cost

Fractal Programming is a new approach to the design, implementation, and deployment of large software applications and databases. The fundamental programming building block is a Fractal which is a small vertical secure software stack that runs in loosely coupled processes in a web-based distributed processing environment. The "so what" of Fractal technology is speed, cost, and security. Over the last few years, early adopters of the technology have proven in production deployment that Fractal programming can speed up application design and implementation by 10x. Similarly, real-world deployments have proven that the performance of Fractal apps is orders of magnitude better than the legacy system being replaced. This difference in speed of implementation and speed of the application translate into equally large cost reductions for the application as well as drastically reducing ongoing support costs. Fractal's innovative security model also results in applications that are provably more secure and that support continuous real-time security auditing. Fractal programming enables a radically better price performance point, and security model, for National Security IT systems and enables the secure deployment of new capabilities into the battlefield for the Warfighter.