Two new materials for dynamic penetrator tips

O.Cardenes Talavera, V.Geanta, I.Voiculescu, A.Rotariu and J.Mirza Rosca
Ministry of Defense, Las Palmas, Spain

Keywords: high-entropy alloys, dynamic penetrator, XRD, Hardness

Penetrators with high kinetic energy, for example WC (tungsten carbide), with density higher than 17g/cm3, have the disadvantage that they break in contact with the target and consequently are not efficient. For this reason, new alloys have been designed for use to manufacture of dynamic penetrator tips. A new multi-component system that can be used for the manufacture of bullets is proposed in the framework of the project. The alloy has been obtained from metals with high densities such as Hf, Mo, Ni, Nb, Ta, W, in order to obtain a high density material with a high tenacity too. The multicomponent alloys from HfMoNiTaW and HfMoNbTaW systems have been obtained by melting of pure raw materials (more than 99.5% purity) in electric arc under argon-protective atmosphere in MRF-ABJ 900 equipment, at ERAMET Laboratory from University Politehnica of Bucharest, using a non-consumable tungsten electrode. After obtaining, chemical composition and mechanical measurements were performed and alloy compounds were identified by XRD analysis. The mechanical properties were determined at Nanomaterials Laboratory from Gran Canaria, Spain. The obtained results showed that the new alloys fall into the category of high density materials, being suitable for use as dynamic penetrator tips.