nPort™ Platform Technology for Liposomal Medicines

D. Zhu
Cureport Inc., Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: nanomedicine, liposome, platform technology, drug delivery

Liposome-based drug delivery is one of the most clinically advanced technologies for the treatment of cancer and severe infectious disease. It improves pharmacokinetics, reduces toxicity, and enhances efficacy of the drugs. However, the conventional extrusion manufacturing process along with poor reproducibility and low scalability dramatically limit the development and commercialization of liposomal drugs. To surmount those obstacles, Cureport has invented nPort™ nanotechnology. In the nPort™ process, lipid solutions in a water-miscible organic solvent are mixed with aqueous solutions in a specially designed multi-port mixing chamber. The flowrate of the solutions can be adjusted in the range of microliters to liters per minute. The liposome is then spontaneously assembled during mixing. The particle size, morphology, and product scales are precisely controlled by altering the flow parameters. nPort™ brings unparalleled advantages: 1) robust scalability from micrograms to kilograms; 2) precise particle size control ranging from 20 to 200 nm; 3) reliable reproducibility; 4) a platform for a variety of liposome formulations and payloads including small molecules, peptides, DNA, siRNA, and mRNA; 5) and fast and cost-saving. Employing nPort™, Cureport has developed various promising liposomal formulations for the treatment of cancers and infectious diseases.